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Yacht Charter Market will Gain Pace as More Companies Invest in Advanced Technologies

t players have been attempting to provide advanced yachts for charter as they have realised the value of incorporating cutting-edge technology.

Global yacht charter sales is expected to grow at a healthy CAGR of over 5.4% during the forecast period 2021-2031, according to a study by ESOMAR-certified market research firm. The study tracks yacht charter sales in 20+ countries, offering a lucid analysis on how the growth trends will unfold.

Market players have been attempting to provide advanced yachts for charter as they have realised the value of incorporating cutting-edge technology. As a result, existing players are increasingly attempting to preserve full operational transparency and deliver advanced smart yachts with a range of smart technologies to offer multifunctional areas and spaces, main saloons, and beach clubs.

For instance, the sensational mega yacht LANA (107m/351.1ft) from Italian shipyard Benetti embraces art deco dignity and seamlessly blends it with the sporty curves, pale colours, and various textures of contemporary architecture. Guests will enjoy a beautiful beach club with fold-down terraces, a hammam-style spa and a gym, as well as big lounges with cinema-style seating.

Apart from that, yachts spend the majority of their time cruising within reach of the coast. As a result, the players are investing to make 4G LTE and 5G networks more available than ever before, offering cost-effective high-bandwidth connectivity to consumers on board through bonded 5G compliant data systems.

Such offerings entice customers to spend long hours with their families and friends or to make their holidays memorable. All aspects of a luxury yacht, including navigation, safety, and extraordinary convenience, are improving due to new technologies.

For example, DLBA Naval Architects have developed a self-sailing superyacht. Tempo, the yacht, will incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) into various aspects of its architecture. This will not only boost the onboard experience, but it will also mean that certain systems will be able to function without the need for human intervention.

Another factor that is expected to boost the growth of the yacht charters is the short-term rentals, which typically last one to three days and are not affected by seasonality, a factor that limits the number of days available for renting yachts. With the rising demand for short-term rentals, yacht charter service providers are concentrating on regular rental rates for two-day yacht charters, which are usually 40-50 percent of the weekly fare.

Key Takeaways from the Yacht Charter Market Study
  • The yacht charter market is forecast to rise at a CAGR of 5.4% between 2021 and 2031.
  • High spending on luxury vacations catapults the U.S. as a key market.
  • Demand in Thailand will continue rising in response to the expanding tourism sector
  • Indonesia and Maldives will emerge as popular yacht charter destinations in Asia Pacific
  • Demand in GCC countries will rise at above 7% CAGR between 2021 and 2031

“Leading players in the global yacht charter market are investing in cutting-edge yacht interiors, such as the use of one-of-a-kind textiles and fabrics with an emphasis on sustainability to match the yacht aesthetic. Unique motor and sailing yachts with new decor, woodwork, and beautiful lighting are introduced by businesses,” says the research analyst.

Impact of COVID-19 on the Market:

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a moderate rate of growth in the demand for yacht charters globally. After the pandemic, major global markets have faced dual impacts. The demand for technology-driven motor yachts has increased due to their variety of benefits. But with stay-at-home orders and safer-at-home advisories issued across the world, the demand for the yacht charter has decelerated in response to the implementation of various restrictions. The restrictions were also imposed on the tourist places such as Indonesia, Malaysia, the U.K. and the U.S.

Who is winning?

Some of the key players present in the yacht charter market are NORTHROP & JOHNSON, Yachtico Inc., Sailogy S.A., Sweet Escape Yacht Charters, ARGO NAUTICAL LIMITED,

Burgess, Sunseeker, Royal Yacht International, Ionian Catamarans and IYC, Mooring Company, and Zizooboats GmbH, among others. Extensive discount offerings on the yacht charters during the seasons and on some events such as corporate parties or pre-wedding shoots and other such events have driven a desire among end consumers to opt for the charters embedded with smart technologies. 

Architects and builders are looking for natural and green-certified construction materials. Alternative energy sources such as the sun, wind, and waves can now be harnessed with the help of technological advancements. The use of wastewater treatment methods and compostable supplies, as well as recycling and the removal of unnecessary plastic waste, are all employed. The players are concentrating their efforts on providing environmentally friendly yachts in order to contribute to long-term initiatives. For instance, the Black Pearl is an environmentally friendly private yacht that was recently awarded a Boat International Design and Innovation Prize. When the boat is sailing, electricity is provided and sent back to the batteries, so the hybrid diesel-electric engine does not need a charging station.

In 2019, Feadship Company introduced a 75-meter motor yacht 703 ‘Arrow’ for charter at its Aalsmeer shipyard. H2 Yacht Design produced the company’s Arrow yacht.

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