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Which car brand is tourists’ top choice across the world?

Speeding ahead at the top of the leaderboard are car brands Volkswagen and Toyota. 

Travelling along confusing roads in a brand new country can make driving abroad incredibly stressful, but is your favourite car the one that tourists are most likely to rely on? found exactly which brand of car tourists hire the most in almost every country across the world by reviewing rental data from 2014 to 2020.

The top car brands 

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Speeding ahead at the top of the leaderboard are car brands Volkswagen and Toyota. 

68% of people travelling to Lithuania are most likely to trust the German manufacturer to get them around on their holidays, with a fifth of all rentals being the VW Polo.

Norway (57% of rentals) and Latvia (51%) are the other two countries whose tourists choose the Volkswagen the most, with the VW Polo also being the most popular.

The three places whose tourists go for a Toyota most often are Colorado with 59% of people hiring the brand of car, and the Toyota Yaris made up 21% of these rentals. 

Georgia (45%) in the USA and Thailand (52%) were the second most likely countries where tourists 

The Toyota Corolla was most popular in Thailand (9%) and the Toyota Corolla Sedan was tourist’s top choice (30%).

Kia and Hyundai share second place with people travelling to Aruba, Bahrain and Curacao choosing a Kia.

84% of Aruba’s tourists chose the Kia; similarly, 83% of rentals in Bahrain were made up of Kias, and Curacao’s were 74%.

All three countries tourist’s favoured the Kia Picanto model too.

Hyundai’s popularity lies with tourists in Seychelles (74%), the Philippines (65%) and Panama (55%).

In Seychelles, the Hyundai i10 makes up 49% of all rentals, much like Panama, as 55% of tourists also favour this particular model.

However, in the Philippines, the Hyundai Accent is most popular, as a huge 64% of tourists hiring a car were most likely to choose this model.

The car brand that is third most popular with tourists across the world, is the French manufacturer, Renault.

9 out of the 109 countries reviewed have Renault as the car brand most likely to be rented by international tourists! 

Belarus (59%), Egypt (49%) and Guadeloupe (49%) were the top three countries whose tourists chose this car brand. 

Tourists in Belarus and Egypt favour the Renault Logan the most as 56% of all rentals were made up of the car model in Belarus, and 39% in Egypt.

The Renault Twingo took centre stage in Guadeloupe, making up a third of rentals.

Aleksandrs Buraks from said: “We wanted to see just how popular specific brands of vehicles are across the map, and we’re pleased to see such a variety. We like to think this data will perhaps encourage people to choose their rental car more confidently, and maybe branch out and try a new type of vehicle!”

Did your daily driver come up as one of the world’s favourite rental cars, or are you starting to rethink where your loyalty lies?

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