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Travelzoo Lv You Zu and Forbes Life China to unveil 2013 Best Value Vacation Deals Awards in China

Joint effort establishes new benchmark in Chinese travel and uncovers transformations in vacation preferences.

SHANGHAI  ―  Travelzoo Lv You Zu, owned and operated by Travelzoo Asia Pacific, a licensee of global Internet media company Travelzoo Inc., announced the top 10 winners of the 2013 Best Value Vacation Deals Awards in China.  The list of winners, jointly published by Travelzoo Lv You Zu and world-renowned media, Forbes Life China, was unveiled at a prestigious ceremony, held this week at the Jing’an Shangri-La in Shanghai, China.  The celebration was attended by industry elites from the world’s leading travel and hospitality companies, and marks the first occasion that the travel industry formally reviewed the standards of vacation products in China.

The Best Value Vacation Deals were shortlisted by the editors of both companies, from thousands of high quality deals that wowed Travelzoo Lv You Zu’s discerning subscribers using five selection criteria: Cost Effectiveness, Uniqueness, Reliability, User experience, and Flexibility.  The final 10 stood apart from the rest in redefining Chinese travellers’ changing preferences and surpassing Travelzoo Lv You Zu’s stringent quality standards.

“The Awards serve to recognise innovation and value in companies with high standards for leisure vacation deals.  It is also an indicator of quality, driven by the demands of the new Chinese travellers with increasingly sophisticated travel inclinations,” said Vivian Hong, President of Travelzoo Lv You Zu.  “China is entering a golden era of tourism development.  Vacation and leisure travel spending is expected to quadruple by 2020.  Since our inception, we have focused in helping our subscribers to experience top quality, high value travel that caters well to individual pursuits.  Today, we have over 1.2 million discerning subscribers who rely and trust Travelzoo Lv You Zu’s recommendations.  Our cooperation with Forbes Life China is an important occasion for us to share our expertise, and enhance our position to capitalise on one of the world’s fasting growing vacation and leisure markets.”

Zhang Ying, Director General Manager of Forbes China noted, “We see the top 10 Best Value Vacation Deals Awards, co-launched by Forbes Life China and Travelzoo Lv You Zu, becoming a benchmark that the industry looks forward to.  It offers an annual measure of excellence for the China travel industry to raise the overall quality standards and move away from price competition alone.”

The winners of the 2013 Best Value Vacation Deals Awards are:  

Xie Ke, Executive Editor-in-chief of Forbes Life China said, “The best judges of the success of consumer products will be the consumers themselves.  These Awards take this to heart, with the five selection criteria representing travellers’ most important needs when choosing travel deals.”

According to Travelzoo Lv You Zu’s research, conducted in May 2013, the company’s discerning subscribers are increasingly demanding and willing to spend on high-quality vacation experiences with real value. They are moving away from mass travel deals to individual and personalised trips, favouring to stay in resorts, international branded hotels and boutique hotels while traveling abroad.  This indicates that the China’s travel industry is entering a golden era, as the affluent Chinese middle-class and a new generation of young, prosperous and sophisticated travellers move to the fore.  High quality, leisure vacations will become the hallmarks of China’s travel evolution as discerning travellers look for unique, personalised getaways and in-depth holiday experiences.

UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) research also showed that Chinese travellers have surpassed their German counterparts as the top international tourism spenders, with 83 million spending a record US$102 billion. Visa’s Global Travel Intentions Study 2013 further revealed that the Chinese spend an average of US$3,824 per trip, which is not far behind the top spending Arabs and Australians.

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