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The Ryokan Collection welcomes the Hiramatsu Karuizawa Miyota

Today, the Hiramatsu Group operates more than 30 restaurants and cafés around Japan and has established an unrivaled reputation as a restaurant brand.

TOKYO, JAPAN – The Ryokan Collection welcomed a new member to its collection, The Hiramatsu Karuizawa Miyota. The Hiramatsu Karuizawa Miyota is the new flagship property for Hiramatsu, a group of luxury ryokans that sprang from a ichelin-starred French restaurant in Tokyo.

True to these roots, this property places fine dining at the center of the experience, crafting all elements around the concept of the “grand auberge.” At the helm is Bocuse-trained chef Aoki Yanagihara, a veteran of several Hiramatsu Hotels and restaurants. He delves into the rich produce of the Shinshu region to craft Japan-inflected French cuisine that holistically nourishes body and mind, flexibly turning his skills to two in-house restaurants, exclusive in-room dining menus, and even picnic baskets to bring the dining experience as close to nature as possible.

The 28 rooms and 9 villa suites all have spacious verandas, floor-to-ceiling windows, and semi-open air hot spring baths with mineral rich waters brought in from the famed onsen town of Ueda daily, ensuring guests can revel in the natural beauty of the mountain-side locale. Fireside lounges, a state-of-the-art ound library, and a full-service spa round out the opportunities for relaxation, all adorned with an eclectic mix of art that spans prehistoric pottery shards to contemporary photography.

Through activities and ambiance, The Hiramatsu Karuizawa Miyota places guests in communion with nature, fostering a physical and mental relaxation that whets the appetite for their star cuisine. This virtuous cycle of a hospitality experience defined by fine dining and fine dining enriched by the experience is the hallmark of their ryokan. Hiramatsu Hotels Hiramatsu began in 2016, when Hiroyuki Hiramatsu, culinary artist and founder of Hiramatsu, harnessed the potential of the restaurant brand he had built up over the past 35 years to create a unique “restaurant with rooms.”

Hiroyuki Hiramatsu had always been fascinated by France. At the age of 20, he went to France to train as a chef, working in various restaurants. During that time, he observed many restaurants in France so good that people were prepared to drive hours to reach the restaurants, and most of these also offered overnight accommodation. To Hiramatsu, they seemed to embody perfection in restaurants, and he decided that one day, he would import this concept to Japan.

In 1982, Hiramatsu and his wife Keiko opened a French restaurant in the Nishi- Azabu district of Tokyo; it seated 24 diners and was named Hiramatsu-tei. Very soon, the restaurant was fully booked every day and acquired an outstanding reputation. In 1988, its name was changed to Restaurant Hiramatsu: the story of luxury French restaurant Hiramatsu had begun.

In 2001, Hiroyuki Hiramatsu opened another Restaurant Hiramatsu in Paris. After only 4 months, the Restaurant Hiramatsu was awarded a Michelin star. The opening of that restaurant in Paris also led Hiramatsu to form friendships and partnerships with a host of great chefs worldwide, including the late Paul Bocuse, Marc Haeberlin, Jacques & Laurent Pourcel, and Philippe Mille. 

In 2016, Hiramatsu’s 40-year dream finally came true, when the Hiramatsu Group’s first directly managed hotel, The Hiramatsu Hotels & Resorts Kashikojima, opened at Kashikojima in Mie Prefecture with a restaurant serving exquisite French cuisine that makes lavish use of the delicious seafood of the Ise-shima area and 8 guest rooms with a private hot spring bath. Since then, the Hiramatsu Group has opened 2 more small luxury hotels in Atami and Hakone, based on the concept of a European inn. And in 2018, it opened a gourmet resort hotel with 19 guest rooms in Okinawa.

Hiramatsu Hotels all center on a restaurant, yet each hotel is based on a different concept, so you will never find the same hotel anywhere in the world. Staying at one of their hotels is such an extraordinary experience that you will never forget. During your stay, you will experience many special moments – moments that will become fond memories and make you want to return over and over. Their aim is to make the Hiramatsu Memories become the purpose of your visit. They believe that they will continue to surprise and delight you with their strong passion now and forever.

Today, the Hiramatsu Group operates more than 30 restaurants and cafés around Japan and has established an unrivaled reputation as a restaurant brand.

Chef – Akio Yanagihara

Youthful chef Akio Yanagihara came up through the kitchens of Nouvelle Cuisine ambassador Paul Bocuse, including Shibuya’s Maison Paul Bocuse, before heading to France to work at Hiramatsu’s Paris restaurant. On returning to Japan, he honed his skills at Restaurant Hiramatsu Hiroo and Restaurant Hiramatsu Réserve before being tapped to helm the kitchen at the group’s new flagship hotel in Karuizawa.

Unlike his previous urban locations, living in Nagano allows Yanagihara to seek inspiration for his cuisine at the source, visiting the fields and farms of Shinshu to personally choose the best, freshest fare. By combining these locally produced ingredients with the refined techniques of French cuisine and his own philosophy that meals should holistically nourish body and mind, he seeks to provide diners with a unique dining experience deeply rooted in Karuizawa’s terroir.

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