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The eyes of the world are on Guizhou

Ten words selected by ICC leaders and international mainstream media to describe the mountainous region in Southwest China.

XINGYI, China – Co-organized by Guizhou provincial government and, the International Dialogue on Green Development and Mountain Tourismwas held in Xingyi City in the Qianxi’nan Prefecture of Guizhou Province. More than 200 envoys, ICC leaders and media reporters from over 50 countries and regions attended this conference.

The host, Lu Yongzheng, vice governor of Guizhou province said in his welcome speech that China had been advocating the harmonious coexistence of man and nature since ancient times. The philosophy of harmony between nature and humans traces back to 2500 years ago according to the classical Chinese text Dao De Jing. Lu Yongzheng said Guizhou would follow the practice of ecological progress and green development, to promote mountain tourism. “Guizhou will be home to a better ecological environment with a stronger tourism based economy, which would also lead to a better life for the local people.” He then added that the world’s first mountain tourism international organization, International Mountain Tourism Alliance (IMTA) was formally established with the approval of the State Council of China’s government; and would be headquartered in Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou province, in southwest China.

Lu Yongzheng said that Guizhou should protect its ecology as if it was a living creature. Utilizing their rich mountain resources to develop the mountain tourism is a way that Guizhou is able to continue and develop the tourism economy.

In Nepal, three quarters of the land is mountains, according to Binod Prasad Acharya, Economic Minister of the Embassy of Nepal. He shared Nepal’s experience in developing mountain tourism in his speech. He was hopeful that Guizhou and other Mountain Tourism countries could work together to create an international model in Guizhou.

In the panel discussion, ICC representatives from the United States, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, India, Malaysia, Nepal, the European Union, Latin American, and Guizhou Tourism Director Li Sanqi, along with experts, media leaders and business representatives from, Cheetah Mobile and Fanews exchanged ideas and opinions mainly on three topics. These included water and lush mountains as invaluable assets, mountain tourism leading to a new industrial system, and Guizhou’s opportunities in the global business environment.

Another highlight of the International Dialogue on Green Development and Mountain Tourism was the announcement of the ten words which are considered most representative of Guizhou. Working with Guizhou Provincial Government Information Office, carried out an online survey entitled “The eyes of the world are on Guizhou” from 20th July to 3rd August in order to find out how the Western world viewed Guizhou. Within two weeks, 192 questionnaires were collected from 15 countries and regions, from which ten words were shortlisted:

  • Moutai (89.58%, a brand of distilled Chinese spirit, made in Guizhou province)
  • Big Data (72.92%)
  • Huangguoshu Waterfall (68.75%, Guizhou’s most spectacular attraction, located in Zhenning county, Anshun city)
  • the Zunyi Conference (64.58%, a meeting of the Communist Party of China in January 1935 during the Long March, after which Chairman Mao took over military command and became the Party leader)
  • the FAST (55.25%, a five-hundred-meter aperture spherical radio telescope)
  • Gui’an New District (47.92%, a new area focusing on the construction of a new pharmaceutical industry park, health medical city, medical equipment and medical materials industry base)
  • Xijiang Miao Village (47.92%, a historical cultural ancient town and the largest gathering place of Miao nationality)
  • Lao Gan Ma (43.75%, a brand of chili sauces that are made in Guizhou)
  • Fish in Sour Soup (41.67%, a Miao dish with roasted fish and various vegetables)
  • Beipanjiang Bridge (35.42%, The highest bridge in the world which was inaugurated in late 2003)

Ha Siting, Vice Minister of Guizhou Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, commented on the survey. He said, “The ten words selected from the survey are an accurate representation of Guizhou today.” Among them, “Big Data“, “the FAST” and “Gui’an New District” were also collected by the Guizhou Provincial Information Office as part of Guizhou’s ten buzzwords in 2016. These three buzzwords have become the keywords of Guizhou’s development, further demonstrating that the international attention on Guizhou has kept pace with the times – the world not only paid attention to Guizhou’s natural landscape, civilization and history, but also to the industrial planning and development in modern Guizhou.

Ha Siting also spoke about Guizhou’s efforts in building a “Colorful Guizhou” since 2005. In 2016 alone, Guizhou carried out tourism promotion activities and cultural exchanges with countries such as South Korea, Switzerland, The Czech Republic and Hungary. Guizhou also held a global promotion activity at the blue hall of the Chinese Foreign Ministry. Guizhou was also added to The New York Times’ list of 52 places around the world that were worth visiting in 2016. The French national television made a documentary entitled Meet in the Unknown Area: Guizhou. CNN broadcasted an advertisement of Guizhou during the US presidential debate which led to an influx of travelers from the West to Guizhou. All these activities strengthened the image of the “Colorful Guizhou“.

After much hard work’s initiative of ICC leaders and foreign media reporters’ eco-traveling in Guizhou has become a provincial promotion project. As one of the organizers of this activity, strives to enrich and promote the project, which would help build up Guizhou’s image in China and abroad.

The ICC leaders and foreign media reporters were left with a deep impression of Guizhou’s Eco-friendly mountain tourism, which has won the Award from the China National Tourism Administration for the Best Model of Tourism Development.

Photo caption: ICC leaders discuss the green development and mountain tourism in Guizhou

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