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Solo Travel is Out! Klook discovers 7 in 10 in Asia Pacific prefer traveling with friends instead of going solo

COVID has led to a profound change in consumer travel preferences across the Asia Pacific region according to Klook’s latest traveler trends research

Singapore — Klook, a leading travel and leisure e-commerce platform, today unpacked  all-new  insights  about travelers’ changing behaviors in Asia Pacific (APAC). The insights reveal that new preferences are surfacing, as travelers start to emerge from the thick of the COVID pandemic over the past two years. Based on our internal data, outbound bookings grew four times in May compared to earlier this year, signaling that the travel bug is stronger than ever, with overseas travel firmly back on the table. In addition, outbound bookings from Singapore saw a 3x surge in May alone compared to the first quarter of this year.

According to Klook’s latest traveler trends research, users in the Asia Pacific prefer traveling with friends, with only 30% expressing interest in taking a spontaneous solo vacation. This is a far cry from pre-pandemic days where 79% of millenials polled were more eager to embark on a solo trip. The insights reveal that travelers are craving shared experiences especially after the pandemic.

“The insights don’t surprise us. The past two years have been a whirlwind of emotions, and people have reprioritized their needs and preferences. Traveling now is more than just taking a mental break. It’s about discovering what brings them joy and reconnecting with loved ones. With travel back on everyone’s agenda, we are excited to bring back the wonders of travel through our wide variety of experiences anytime, anywhere,” said Sarah Wan, General Manager, Singapore, Klook.

Creatures of comfort

Klook’s insights show that users in the region want to be pampered. 60% would rather indulge in a luxurious trip than embark on a backpacking holiday. Shifting gears, they are also keen on taking slower vacations. 7 in 10 seek a laid-back trip over a rugged budget adventure – Singapore users come in above this average at 80%. The pandemic has undoubtedly challenged many people, and travelers increasingly seek travel moments that help them unwind and relax to the fullest. In Singapore, 60% of users expressed their preference to relax in the most pampered way possible – starting off with breakfast in bed followed by a relaxing spa day.

Escaping the heat in comfort and style

Locally in Singapore, research also shows that users are seeking to escape the sweltering heat with a preference towards visiting a cooler destination (60%) instead of a tropical one for their next vacation (40%). This is unsurprising as Singapore has been hit with a heat wave over the past couple of weeks. Interestingly, Klook’s insights also reveals that 6 out of 10 Singapore users’ also have a preference to splurge and indulge in luxury.

Sarah Wan concludes, “Many things have been beyond our control over the past two years, so there is more intention behind traveling now. Our insights reveal that travelers today show greater intent and desire to define, design, and decide their journeys based on what’s important to them.”

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