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Skybus team up with Xiamen Air to expand reach further into China

Australasia’s most dynamic and innovative mass-transit provider SkyBus is deepening its ties in Asia by partnering with Xiamen Airlines (XiamenAir).

Melbourne, Australia – SkyBus is delighted to announce their partnership with one of China’s leading airline carriers, Xiamen Airlines.

Australasia’s most dynamic and innovative mass-transit provider SkyBus is deepening its ties in Asia by partnering with Xiamen Airlines (XiamenAir). Working to expand its reach into mainland China, SkyBus looks forward to continuing to provide exceptional transport service to the growing second-tier travel markets.

Over 250,000 passengers have taken advantage of XiamenAir’s direct flights to and from Melbourne since 2016. Operating out of Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport, Australians are increasingly choosing to travel to China with XiamenAir, beginning their journey in the beautiful coastal city of Xiamen, and popular tourism and business hub of Hangzhou.

Considered to be one of China’s fastest-growing airlines, XiamenAir has become a major player in intercontinental travel. Travellers are reaping the benefits of XiamenAir’s expansive long-haul routes, continuing onto destinations such as Europe and North America, with seamless one-hour transits through China. An increasingly popular – and more comfortable – option, given all XiamenAir long-haul flights, are onboard the new 787 Dreamliner.

The SkyBus – XiamenAir partnership is a natural fit, pairing Skybus’s award-winning, safe, reliable and convenient transfer services, with XiamenAir’s high reputation of pursuing excellence in safety and service. Reform and innovation are characteristics of both organisations which similarly pride themselves on exceptional hospitality in their transportation experience.

Mr Michael Sewards – SkyBus Co-CEO and Director: “As Australia’s fastest-growing city, Melbourne is seeing a greater number of carriers offering routes in and out of the country, and more people are travelling through Melbourne Airport. SkyBus is honoured to provide great connectivity and our award-winning service to these passengers. We look forward to working with XiamenAir long into the future.”

Ms. Teresa Tong – Xiamen Airlines, General Manager – Melbourne: We expect to carry over 36 million passengers around the globe this year, connecting people to destinations all around the world. Our passengers in and out of Melbourne can go even further now thanks to our new partnership with SkyBus. We are excited to offer our passengers and airline staff a convenient and affordable airport shuttle service to and from Melbourne, and to let them experience the world-class Skybus welcome.”

XiamenAir and SkyBus passengers will reap the partnership benefits in Melbourne, with a range of ticket offers and cross-promotions, while also enjoying SkyBus’ hospitality including; 

  • Free onboard WiFi
  • Convenient online, mobile and self-serve ticketing options
  • Turn and up go service, with no booking required
  • Airline arrival/departure and tourism information
  • Chinese signage and payment platforms including Wechat Pay, AliPay and UnionPay
  • Customised Chinese website and Wechat official account

The two enterprises will be working strategically to mutually promote their newfound partnership through digital platforms including social media channels and websites, point of sales activations, ticket and boarding pass communications and joint marketing activities, to a combined audience of well over 3 million people globally.

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