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RARE India expands portfolio with eight new properties emphasizing sustainable luxury

REAR India

RARE India enriches its portfolio with eight properties, blending sustainable luxury with India’s rich cultural and natural heritage.

RARE India, a community known for its conscious luxury, environmentally sensitive, and community-inclusive hospitality offerings, has recently expanded its impressive portfolio by adding eight new properties. These additions underscore the organization’s commitment to sustainable and inclusive tourism in the Indian subcontinent.

Sawantwadi Palace, Sindhudurg, Maharashtra: Located in the picturesque Konkan region, Sawantwadi Palace is a historic 18th-century royal residence. Today, it stands as a beacon of sustainable hospitality and culinary innovation. The palace is notable for its revival of the traditional Ganjifa painting, a unique cultural endeavor.

Kila Dalijoda, near Cuttack, Odisha: This heritage homestay, run by Debjit Singh Deo and his wife Namrata, has been meticulously restored after decades of abandonment. Offering activities like village immersions and safaris, it’s the epitome of sustainable living with a biogas-powered kitchen and locally sourced ingredients.

The Legacy Mandawa by The Machan, Shekhawati, Rajasthan: Resurrecting a crumbling 18th-century haveli, this property is a testament to heritage preservation. It offers a blend of traditional décor and modern amenities, emphasizing the region’s rich culture and history.

Golden Haveli by Haveli Dharampura, Old Delhi: Set in the historical Chandni Chowk, this restored Mughal-era haveli offers an immersive experience into the opulence of the past. Managed by Vijay Goel and his daughter Vidyun, it’s a symbol of elegance and traditional craftsmanship.

Bagh Villas, Baherakhar, Madhya Pradesh: A boutique jungle camp near Kanha Tiger Reserve, Bagh Villas combines the rustic charm of traditional Shikar design with contemporary luxury. Emphasizing wildlife conservation, it offers a unique and responsible safari experience.

Tara Mountain Sarai, Zanskar, Ladakh: This luxury camp captures the untamed beauty of the Zanskar Valley. It’s a model of sustainable and regenerative hospitality, offering panoramic views and a unique insight into the region’s natural splendor.

Ladakh Sarai, Saboo, Ladakh: Integrating indigenous architecture and local materials, this property in Saboo village offers rustic comfort while preserving the region’s cultural heritage and natural environment.

Aashraya on the Ganga, near Rishikesh, Uttarakhand: A boutique resort with a focus on tranquility and sustainability, Aashraya offers cottages overlooking the Ganges. It’s an oasis for relaxation, meditation, and yoga, set away from the bustle of city life.

The RARE India Community also includes renowned conservationists, naturalists, and sustainability experts. With these new additions, RARE India continues to promote sustainable hospitality and destination stories, led by Shoba Rudra, its visionary founder. This expansion not only offers unique travel experiences but also reinforces RARE India’s commitment to preserving India’s rich cultural and natural heritage.

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