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Quality, high-end, professional-HOTELEX eternal food journey

The 24th HOTELEX will be held from 30th March-2nd April at Shanghai New International Expo Center with an exhibition space of 200,000 square meters. HOTELEX Shanghai covers 13 exhibit profiles which aims to provide professionals a one-stop shopping platform.

SHANGHAI – HOTELEX Shanghai is one of the largest, most effective and highest level exhibition in the hospitality industry. The 24th HOTELEX will be held from 30th March-2nd April at Shanghai New International Expo Center with an exhibition space of 200,000 square meters.
HOTELEX Shanghai covers 13 exhibit profiles which aims to provide professionals a one-stop shopping platform, including catering equipment supply, tableware, textile, appliance amenities, IT & security, fitness & leisure, food & beverage, coffee & tea, bakery & ice cream, wine & spirits, hotel building, hotel engineering and hotel design.
With the increase in living standards, people pay more attention to the quality of life. The catering industry affects everyone’s health and reflects one’s quality of life. So food & beverage, coffee & tea section always insist on the combination of high-end quality and professional skill which play a curial role in HOTELEX Shanghai that covers nine halls, with an exhibition space of 70,000 square meters, and the number of exhibitor has reached over 600.
Food & Beverage – Professional victory, meticulous service realization
Chinese culture holds that food is the paramount necessity of the people and Chinese food consumption always ranks at the forefront. The traditional catering industry not only focuses on the hard requirements, but other aspects such as the great change of Chinese dietary habits and the western culture invasion, while promoting the development of Chinese food industries. HOTELEX gathers numerous famous food & beverage companies onsite and deliver the concept of “high-end, fresh, safety” to them in order to advocate a service spirit to people first.
Up to now, many brands have joined in the EXPO FINEFOOD Shanghai exhibition, including Bright Dairy & Food Co., Ltd., Yi Hai Kerry Food Marketing Co., Ltd., My Fresh Juice (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yi Fang Rural Technology Holdings Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Wei Chuan Biotech Food Co., Ltd., Quangzhou Mu Shi Food Co., Ltd., Shanghai Wen Hui Food Industry Co., Ltd., Changzhou Super Food Co., Ltd., Jin Kui Ding (Tianjin) Trade Co., Ltd. (Huiyuan)Guangzhou Guangcun food Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Zheng Hui Zhu Food Co., Ltd.Dele Food and Beverage (Shanghai) Ingredient Co., Ltd.
The source of food and beverage is the key to the EXPO FINEFOOD exhibition. The exhibition focuses on the market dynamics and sector demand, advocate “high-end, fresh, and safety” and guarantee the food origins all the time in order to meet the demands of visitors and exhibitors. From the perspective of the industry, the exhibition covers juice, raw materials and equipment; fresh raw materials, semi-finished products, and instant prepared foods; aquatic products, seafood, frozen foods; fruits, vegetables, canned goods, condiments and soft drinks; functional beverage, high-end drinking water. So, whatever the views of professionals and the industry, the EXPO FINEFOOD exhibition is determined to provide a stage where brands and companies can present and display their latest products. The exhibition aims to realize the meticulous service, increase the trade interaction and promote the development between the domestic food industry and leading international food brands.
Coffee & Tea – Requirement-based, the perfect combination of brand and quality
According to the data display, in recent years, Chinese coffee consumption and the consumption market shows the speed of growth of the annual per capital consumption growth rate has reached 30 percent, which far surpasses coffee consumption growth in the world. By 2020, China will be the biggest consumer of coffee, just like Japan. Meanwhile, China, as the hometown of tea, is the biggest tea-producing country and the second biggest tea-exporter. A long cultural background in tea and multinational tea customs show the great challenges coffee have to meet. In today’s society, people advocate a lifestyle of “quality, green, and health.” Enjoying a cup of tea or coffee becomes a signal of modern life and is fashionable.
HOTELEX Coffee & Tea exhibition is the largest and highest level exhibition among the domestic specialty coffee exhibition. The annual exhibition not only attracts numerous buyers from cafes, hotels, restaurants, tea houses and other relevant consuming places, but also as a stage gathering franchisers, commission agents and other professional customers. For decades, the leading brands of coffee & tea have cooperated with HOTELEX and hold a win-win attitude. Up to now, some loyal exhibitors and companies have already signed up for HOTELEX Shanghai 2015, including Davinci, SavazzaHario, P.R.O, Monin, Twinings, Eilles and so on.
Professional Competition and Trade Forum
Myriad professional competitions and trade forums have landed at the Food & Beverage and Coffee & Tea exhibition, which plays a crucial role and promotes the development of industry and communication of economy and trade.
HOTELEX gathers numerous international professional competitions which own the most authoritative resource. Competition sections always attract the most visitors onsite, including the China Barista Championship, China Latte Art Championship, China Cup Taster Championship, China Hand-Pour Coffee Championship and so on. The China Barista Championship, which authorized by World Barista Championship, is the only professional, systematic and international recognized coffee championship which enjoys high reputation.
Meanwhile, HOTELEX also includes the Shanghai International Trendy Drink Competition, China Master Bartender Competition, Italian Chefs on Stage and other various industrial competitions and display which aims to realize the diversified developments in the catering industry through creative competitions and professional technique displays. HOTELEX invites senior experts in relevant industries to our forum, which includes Foodservice in the 21st century, Food Safety and Supply Chain Development Forum, China Retail Industry Summit and so on. The various forums not only solidifies ties between suppliers and buyers, but promote the development of the catering industry.
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