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Qooco unveils innovative mobile learning solutions for hospitality industry

Qooco’s platform focuses on mobile learning (m-learning) and innovative speech recognition technologies and solutions to deliver improved results compared to traditional training approaches.

BANGKOK, Thailand – Qooco announced a new training, language and communication platform tailor-made for the hospitality industry. The company’s specialized mobile training solutions are designed to address the rigorous training and service delivery demands of luxury hotels and resorts as well as boutique hotels and ultimately improve guest satisfaction and loyalty. Qooco unveiled its platform and solutions at the Hotel Management Thailand Summit in Bangkok, Thailand.
Qooco’s platform focuses on mobile learning (m-learning) and innovative speech recognition technologies and solutions to deliver improved results compared to traditional training approaches. Qooco’s mobile training solutions offer improved consistency across standards and procedures, eliminate scheduling or attendance challenges, enable scalability of training modules and lower training costs.
Mobile learning is revolutionizing the traditional training approach, changing the way employees develop and learn and enabling self-study of targeted training modules anytime to deliver results-driven outcomes. With Qooco’s suite of products for the hospitality industry, our core focus is to maximize the effectiveness of mobile learning through our proven language and communication solutions and to empower hoteliers and training managers to fast-track critical service skills development as well as improve guest satisfaction, loyalty, and RevPAR,” said David Topolewski, the Chief Executive Officer of Qooco.
In a world where technology and time continues to become more critical, Qooco delivers an education well-catered to both. With a business that crosses boundaries geographically and culturally, mobile solutions are able to provide an efficient and effective learning experience,” said Andre Gomez, General Manager, Hilton Hotels & Resorts.
Compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices including smartphones and tablets, as well as the Windows operating system, Qooco’s products enable hospitality associates to learn at their own pace anytime, anywhere.
The following Qooco enterprise mobile solutions are available to hotels worldwide:
Qooco Voice, the language learning mobile app that is used in more than 100 luxury hotels worldwide. With department-specific content developed by hoteliers, this product focuses on improving the spoken English and Mandarin of service staff through highly effective interactive and continuous learning and is available in 13 support languages. By mastering both the vocabulary and dialogue necessary to handle practical, real-life situations, service staff will be able to confidently deliver consistent services to their guests. Enhanced content for Food & Beverage, Housekeeping, Spa and Fitness, Security, Engineering and Kitchen will be added in the newest version of this product.
Qooco Upsell, a new situational upselling training tool that enables hospitality associates to position and capture additional revenues in-hotel or on-premises, through room upgrades, selling spa packages and promotional specials. The tool will feature self-paced lesson plans and multiple Asian and European support languages.
Qooco Link, a new internal messaging application that enables hotel managers to broadcast mobile messages to specific departments or employees. The tool enables hotel managers to broadcast messages to associates via their mobile phone, desktops or tablets to enable them to stay connected and receive important updates on key activities and operational issues in real-time. Available in the native country language of choice, the tool also includes dashboards to control the message, frequency, and broadcast, as well as monitor engagement of employees.
Qooco Pro, one of the most cost effective and scalable mobile vocational training solutions in the market. Suitable for F&B and housekeeping, the product features self-paced lesson plans and multiple support languages. This customizable solution is designed to significantly improve service delivery standards and consistency, through more than 100 highly practical lessons that simulate real-life service scenarios such as food and beverage service.
Qooco Core teaches employees the most commonly spoken hospitality phrases used in English and Mandarin Chinese. Daily phrases are presented like flash cards with sentence use for context and comprehension. Sophisticated speech recognition technology allows users to listen, record and replay for immediate feedback. With Core, associates build confidence in speaking and engaging with guests.
Each product also includes a dashboard with comprehensive reporting on user progress, frequency of use – both speaking and listening time, and performance. With access to user insights, hotel managers can measure and evaluate training by individuals, departments and property.
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