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The portraits are made by Craig Redman

“Passenger Portraits” is the new campaign for Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines new campaign, “Passenger Portraits” is a series of portraits made by the New York based artist Craig Redman.

Craig Redman has created twelve portraits, including Manchester United players Wayne Rooney, Javier Hernadez (Chicharito), Rio Ferdinand, Nani and Ryan Giggs, F.C. Barcelona players Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Pique and Puyol and Turkish Airlines Brand Ambassadors Caroline Wozniacki and Kobe Bryant. Craig Redman has also created designs for a special globe, world map and airplane livery besides these portraits.

These outstanding portraits will be exhibited in airports around the world. Players’ portraits will be also exhibited in Manchester and Barcelona in order to meet all sport fans and art lovers in the same platform.

Turkish Airlines Passenger Portraits campaign will be launched soon and with this campaign, we hope to reach a great audience internationally by using TV, print media, outdoor and web applications.

The goal of this campaign, is to further promote our sponsorships in a fresh and noticeable way by joining the force of art with sports and using an unconventional, distinctive and modern message. As Turkish Airlines, we come on to the world scene with a new trade mark.

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