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Vizergy takes control of local listings

Optimized local listings boost traffic and revenue

To help hoteliers, Vizergy is offering its revamped Local Search service – ensuring property listings are accurate, consistent, optimized and distributed across the Internet’s largest local search network – on both desktops and mobile devices.  With over three billion local searches being conducted by online consumers every month on local search platforms like Google Places, Bing Local Listing and, it’s no wonder local search listings have become so vital to hotels and resorts.

Vizergy’s Local Search provides hotels and resorts higher rankings in a network of 100 plus local search platforms, meaning greater visibility to travel shoppers and increased online revenue.  The platforms make up roughly 90% of all local searches. The fact that the network pulls listings from one location makes certain that hotels have consistent branding across all sites. Vizergy’s team claims ownership of properties’ listings, sets up the main network listing and further optimizes any customizable listings.

“Search marketing is constantly evolving, in particular, local marketing,” says Vizergy President & CEO Joe Hyman. “A property’s search marketing is not complete until they have a holistic local listing presence.  The increase in travel shoppers using local search has made it imperative that hoteliers place an emphasis on it.”

In today’s complex purchase process, hotels often need a presence in every online channel, including local search platforms. Vizergy’s new Local Search service enhances the company’s overall search marketing offerings. In addition to search engine optimization of websites, pay-per-click advertising and enhancing visibility via social, mobile and email marketing, Local Search makes Vizergy’s search marketing as complete as possible.

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