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Midas PR joined PRCA International COVID-19 Taskforce

Midas PR joined PRCA’s Global COVID-19 Communications Taskforce

BANGKOK, THAILAND – Midas PR joined PRCA’s Global COVID-19 Communications Taskforce. The goal of this taskforce is to provide free consultation services to help communications leaders manage their organizations and agencies through the pandemic. 

The PRCA’s Global COVID-19 Communications Taskforce was launched in March 2020 to provide practical support to public relations professionals during the COVID-19 crisis. It has delivered 40 free advice sessions to PR professionals around the world and hosted 9 free webinars viewed by more than 1,500 practitioners. The taskforce also published a new crowdsourced report titled How to recover fast from the pandemic. The report includes insight on the pandemic from 75 industry leaders operating across 23 countries. It aims to elevate global understanding of best communication practices, revealing how it can support businesses and organisations recovering from the pandemic.

From Midas PR, the taskforce was joined by the Managing Director, Karin Lohitnavy and Chief Communications Officer, Ruksina Mutthikuljones. “In the public relations sector, organisations that combine traditional and digital strategies are those leading the change in the new normal. A healthy mix of communicating via mainstream and social media can increase their brand awareness and credibility. With people demanding accurate and factual information, leading companies should coordinate with the media to provide credible information to reporters,” said Ruksina Mutthikuljones, Chief Communications Officer at Midas PR.

“During the pandemic, Midas PR offered an hour of free consulting, and this was our strategic contribution to improving the situation and offering help to those who are struggling to recover” said Karin Lohitnavy, Managing Director of Midas PR. “One of the ways to support other businesses is to give out more free services, packages, information and advice — the old ‘freeconomics’ idea”, she added. 

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