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Lucky Air launches two routes to the Philippines

The operation of these two routes has brought a driving force for growing tourist market of the Philippines.

KUNMING, CHINA – Lucky Air Company Limited launched twice weekly Kunming-Manila service on May 26, 2017, and three times weekly Kunming-Cebu service on June 1, 2017, noting the efforts to strengthen the cooperation and communication between China and the

Philippines, which make efforts to pursue the Belt and Road Initiative.

The Philippines, along the Maritime Silk Route, is an important partner to China.

Thanks to abundant tourist resources, Yunnan has great competitive strengths in the tourism market. Kunming has also become an important transportation hub, offering more transition services to Southeast Asia, which is a force in pursuing the Belt and Road Initiative. The operation of these two routes has supported Yunnan to build a bridge for the interactive cooperation in Southeast Asia.

Cabin crew of the maiden trip from Kunming to Manila.

In addition, the operation of these two routes also has brought a driving force for growing tourist market of the Philippines.

Manila is a major center for commerce, finance as well as tourism in the Philippines, and Cebu has a large share of tourist arrivals in the Philippines. Thus, the operation of these routes can broaden opportunity to increase tourist sources from southwest China, and moreover, achieve shared growth and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Lucky Air, an affiliate of HNA Group (NO. 353 on the Fortune 500 List), is the second largest airline and the first LCC in Yunnan province. At present, Lucky Air has 45 planes, and has operated a total of 99 routes including 13 international and regional routes. And it has launched 29 international and regional routes between 2014 and 2016. In the coming years, Lucky Air will continue to make contributions in pursuing the Belt and Road Initiative.

The first no-stop flight from Kunming to Moscow operated by Lucky Air departs on 12th June
On 12th June, the first international regular line to Eastern Europe operated by Lucky Air started its first journey at 10:55 am to Domodedovo, Moscow. This helped build a significant bridge in terms of “One Belt One Road”.

The flight takes 9 hours and operated by Airbus A330-300, flight number is 8L9503/04. Information as below:

The maiden voyage ceremony was held in the departure hall of Kunming Changshui International Airport at 8:30 am.

Yongzheng Ding, President of Lucky Air, made a speech and expressed his gratitude and expectation. He said, “As the first low-cost airline in Yunnan, Lucky Air commits itself to developing overseas market by using the gateway advantages of Yunnan to build an extensive and comprehensive airline network, which contributes to the development of Yunnan and neighbouring areas. The achievement of non-stop flight to Moscow not only gives convenience to passengers traveling between Yunnan and Moscow, but also provides people transiting in Kunming with more choices.”

Yongzheng Ding pointed out that with the collaboration on Silk Road Economic Belt and EEU in recent years, the Kunming to Moscow is acting as explorer and pioneer on low-cost operating. It helps Yunnan to build traffic networks as central point radiating to cities and ports and can benefit OBOR countries.

Yongzheng Ding also said, “I have faith in the development of budget airway running intercontinental airline. The success of flight from Kunming to Moscow gives experience and faith to low-cost and long-distance operating. Budget airway is providing convenience service and reasonable price to consumers.” Lucky Air plans to introduce Airbus A350 and Boeing B787 in the future, and establish operating base in second and third-tier cities as starting point for intercontinental transit.

Lucky Air, subsidiary of HNA Group, is the first budget airway and second largest airline base of Yunnan. Until now, Lucky Air has 45 airplanes, 99 flight courses (86 inland lines,13 international routes), flight to 70 cites (65 domestic and 11 international cities), cross 30 provinces, municipalities and 7 countries.

Photo caption: Lucky Air launched flight from Kunming to Manila on 26th May.

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