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Lifestyle travel company announces new adult-only vacations for 2014

For those who love traveling and are curious about living the "alternative lifestyle," an international travel company has announced its 2014 list of events. Included in this list is Menage a Asia, a lifestyle cruise that travels to Asia's most scenic places.

UNITED STATES –, an organizer of adult-only, erotic and exotic vacations, recently announced its popular vacation opportunities for the 2014 calendar year.

Unlike other travel companies, vacations are exclusively reserved for people who have a free spirit and would welcome the chance to go au naturel on a sandy beach. While it may seem like the vacations are specifically for people with adult-only vacation experience, the company warmly welcomes newcomers with curious and open minds.

The 2014 list of vacations includes Caribbean and Asian lifestyle cruises, as well as trips to private resorts in Acapulco and South Beach, Miami.

Currently, the Fifth Annual Caribbean Lifestyle Cruise that takes place in St. Martin and Panama is sold out, along with the Acapulco Ambrosia Adventure. The remaining two featured vacations to Asia & South Beach are still open for booking and open to anyone with an open mind.

One of these open vacations is the Menage a Asia Cruise, a lifestyle cruise that travels the Andaman Sea and stops at places like Singapore and Malacca, as well as Penang, Phuket and Railey Beach in Thailand. This 9-day, 8-night cruise sets sail on the 5-star m/s Paul Gauguin, a ship designed specifically for navigating the shallow seas of French Polynesia. According to, the m/s Paul Gaugin is the perfect vessel for visiting the Phi Phi islands in Thailand. It’s also the ship used in previous years for the Menage a Asia Cruise and the one that will be used in 2014 from July 27 – August 4.

The other available vacation that erotic travelers can look forward to in 2014 is the Sexy on South Beach Takeover that takes place from November 1-7, 2014. This vacation is currently open for booking and involves taking over a beautiful 150-room art Deco masterpiece for a week. According to, this is one of the most exciting and affordable luxury lifestyle vacations for those who enjoy sandy beaches, nighttime dancing, rooftop pool parties and group play.

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