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Korean Air and Delta celebrate JV anniversary with Han River clean-up

  • Han River Clean-up

Marking their 5th year of transpacific joint venture, employees from Korean Air and Delta Air Lines collaborate in a sustainability initiative alongside Seoul’s Han River.

SEOUL – Korean Air and Delta Air Lines employees volunteered at a Han River clean-up event in Yeouido, Seoul to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the two airlines’ transpacific joint venture.

In cooperation with the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seoul Volunteer Center, 150 employees from the two airlines took part in the “plogging” event. Originating in Sweden, plogging is an activity that combines jogging and picking up litter. The team scoured the area from 2 pm to 5 pm, and picked up trash such as plastic cups, beverage cans, wooden chopsticks and plastic bags along the Han River.

It was especially meaningful to take part in this program with our Delta friends, and to keep the symbolic Han River clean for everyone to enjoy,” said Boeun Shin, passenger sales manager at Korean Air.

It is great to see as our partnership is growing stronger, our contribution to the community is also becoming more impactful and meaningful,” said Justin Lau, general manager of alliance development at Delta Air Lines.

Since Korean Air and Delta embarked on their joint venture partnership in May 2018, they have been committed to giving back to the communities they serve. Employees from both airlines have teamed up for various joint volunteer activities such as Habitat for Humanity in Los Angeles and in the Philippines, and tree planting activities in Mongolia to prevent desertification.

Both airlines have been widely recognized for their outstanding services. Recently, Korean Air and Delta have been named Best Premium Class Airline and Best Airline, respectively, in USA Today’s 10Best Readers’ Choice Awards.

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