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Hong Kong Airlines flies into campus & “Embrace the World” with students

Hong Kong Airlines launched the first phase of "Embrace the World" Students Sponsorship Programme last month.

HONG KONG – In order to enrich Hong Kong students’ understanding of the aviation industry, and to inspire their flying dreams, Hong Kong Airlines started the first “Embrace the World” School Sharing Workshop. The airline’s pilot and flight attendants visited Shau Kei Wan Government Primary School and met over 100 students from P5 to P6. Through various interesting activities and fruitful sharing, students acquired basic aviation knowledge and a deeper understanding of the industry.
Hong Kong Airlines launched the first phase of “Embrace the World” Students Sponsorship Programme last month. Under the programme, Hong Kong Airlines will not only offer about 200 students from 10 local primary and secondary schools with outstanding performance in academic or other aspects a free ride with Hong Kong Airlines to travel the world, but also organize sharing workshops in these schools, having pilots and flight attendants to share their flying dreams in a lively and interesting way.
In the workshop, pilot and flight attendants shared their work experience with students, shedding light on a wide range of knowledge like job duties of pilot and importance of flight attendants in the air. They encouraged students who are longing for joining the aviation field to work hard and stick to their dreams. Under the guidance of flight attendants, students tried on life jackets and learnt about passenger safety guidelines. Some students even volunteered to be “little cabin crew” and demonstrated inflight services with the real ones.
Mr. Sun Jianfeng, Vice President of Hong Kong Airlines said, “As a socially responsible airline, Hong Kong Airlines takes responsibilities for nurturing aviation talents and helping them to fly high and reach their dreams. Under the programme, in addition to sponsoring them to travel around the world, Hong Kong Airlines hopes to satisfy their curiosity about the sky though fun and interactive sharing, at the same time to explore their interest in aviation and help them prepare better for the future.
In the coming three months, Hong Kong Airlines will continue to visit different primary and secondary schools and make a special “flying journey” with students.
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