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Grand Hyatt Incheon West Tower earn “LEED Gold Certification”

Hotel given green approval for saving energy and water, using environment friendly building materials, creating spacious landscaping and more.

INCHEON, SOUTH KOREA – Grand Hyatt Incheon West Tower has been awarded LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Gold Certification by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), a community of LEED developed and certified buildings. 
The LEED system is an internationally recognized green building certification program and for a building to receive the award, approximately 70 aspects of its design, structure, maintenance, and operations must be analyzed. Grand Hyatt Incheon West Tower opened in September 2014 and was able to achieve LEED Gold certification as its design, building materials and environmentally friendly construction were found to be much above the standards required.
The West Tower reduces energy-use through the use of highly efficient products and LED lighting, decreasing the hotel’s overall carbon dioxide emissions. The use of 100% grey water conserves the fresh water normally consumed by gardening and the flushing of toilets. Sick Building Syndrome is minimized through the constant assessment of indoor-air quality, the use of eco-friendly materials and the proper ventilation of the entire building, even before it was opened.


Large-scale landscaping, including the event deck on the hotel’s second floor, prevents the concentration of heat while making guests feel closer to nature. Moreover, the West Tower offers superior indoor-air quality, creating a pleasant atmosphere for guests. The hotel’s LEED Gold certification reflects the efforts behind all these strategies and practices.
Paul Wright, General Manager at Grand Hyatt Incheon said, “Even in the design phase, the hotel team considered that guests want to rest and do business in a pleasant environment. With this in mind, and to boost the sustainability of the hotel’s operations, we have reduced the hotel’s energy use and improved its indoor-air quality,” Adding that “Our LEED Gold Certificate is the result of our efforts, and we will continue to do our best to offer a healthy and clean environment for guests by reducing waste and introducing other eco-hotel practices.
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