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Eight cities building cruise terminals

The project of cruise economy was approved by Shanghai decision-making research group. A report indicates that including Shanghai, there are 8 port cities building cruise terminals aiming at the center of Asia-Pacific cruise tourism.

SHANGHAI – Consultants from Shanghai Institute of Development of Reform, East China Normal University and Shanghai University of Engineering Science advice that the relevant bureaus should make out the comprehensive planning of China cruise industry as soon as possible and promote the development of China’s cruise terminals in a short term.

According to JFdaily, the research group analyzed the 8 port cities with 5 factors and marked them. In terms of the 5 factors, Shanghai got 2 tops and 3 second places so that was assessed as the most promising cruise city. Dalian got 2 tops and Shenzhen got 1 top. The report indicates that Shanghai is located in the first-level advantageous cruise market and should be positioned as the core cruise terminal.

Xiamen, Tianjin, Tianjin are supposed to be important supplement of Shanghai, which share resources and routes with one another. Qingdao, Shenzhen, Sanya and Ningbo are positioned as ports of call, which interact with the home port through division of work and cooperation.   

The research group took the experience of Hong Kong and Singapore and proposed the South-North interactive mechanism of Shanghai cruise home port, which suggested that Wusong international cruise home port and North Waitan international cruise terminal should make a “2 cores and 1 backup” combination together with Waigaoqiao port.  

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