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Dongping’s alluring Dragon Boat Culture

Opening ceremony of the 4th China Dongping International Dragon Boat Race.

DONGPING COUNTY – An original report by China Economic Net about Dongping on September 6 follows: On the morning of September 4, “Luqi·Fudidongjun Cup” — the 4th China Dongping International Dragon Boat Race and the 3rd Mass Fitness Sports Meeting Dragon Boat Race kicked off with a ceremony on a vast expanse of water accompanied by the deafening sound of drums and gongs. At a time when fishermen usually celebrate their harvest, Dongping Lake was the scene of a large number of domestic and overseas dragon boat athletes competing for glory.

Dongping has held four dragon boat races since 2009. This year, 29 teams participated in the contest. Race programs included open group dragon boat 200m and 500m 12 person straightway sprints. The race which included 3 rounds, featured a preliminary, semifinal and final round .

After the intense competition, Shanglaozhuang Town Team of Dongping County was crowned the champions of the open group 500m with Malaysia Team ranked second and Singapore Team third. In the open group 200m race, Malaysia team won first, followed by Shanglaozhuang Town Team second and Singapore third.

In Dongping, the local culture is thought to have been influenced by what many people call the “Water Margin Spirit”. It reflects the important position of Dongping Lake in history and its connection with dragon boats and the local people.