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Disney Double: Living near a resort doubles property prices (+105%)

Living near one of the seven Disney resorts worldwide could double the value of your home by 105%. On average the report found that the houses near Disney resorts could command £4,064,824 more on average than homes in the surrounding area.

Shanghai Disneyland Resort adds the biggest markup to neighbouring properties; 63% above the Shanghai average price.

From Disney to Legoland, the mortgage experts at have determined which theme parks could double the value of homes in the neighbourhood. Each park can score a maximum of 11 points, giving a top score of 66.

Ranked: 11 Theme Parks Adding the Most Value to Houses:

  • Hong Kong Disneyland Resort – 49
  • Legoland Windsor – 44
  • Walt Disney World Resort – 43
  • Disneyland Resorts Paris – 40
  • Shanghai Disneyland Resort – 39
  • Harry Potter World – 38
  • Tokyo Disneyland Resort and Disney Sea – 36.5
  • Legoland California – 34
  • Legoland Japan – 31
  • Legoland Florida – 26.5
  • Disneyland Resorts California – 18

Topping the list is Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, scoring 49/66. The closest three-bed homes to the parks are listed at a magical £894,689, that’s 93% more than the average property in Hong Kong at £462,514. The Walt Disney World Resorts scored low on both pollution and traffic levels, making it the most desirable theme park on the list and the most expensive.

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