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Discover India with Bag2Bag – Bringing Hospitality online

Indian platform is re-imagining online accommodation booking and add-on offerings.

Bangalore, Karnataka, India – India is notorious for being a melting pot of cultures that people beyond seven seas visit to explore. There are many individuals who are curious about the food, culture, heritage, and knowledge India has to offer and wish to discover India at a grass root level. Given this rising demand, there seemed to be a dire need for an evolution in the hospitality Industry. While many online accommodation booking platforms entered the market none of them managed to provide a holistic solution.

This is where Bag2Bag comes into play as this travel tech start-up takes into consideration end customer needs and offers an innovative solution for them. Initially, it started with short stays by providing hourly rooms to people with anytime check-in and check-out. This solution was provided targeting local and intercity travelers having the affordable and last-minute accommodation needs such as business travelers, medical travelers, travelers stuck in transit, student travelers, couples, and many more

Currently, the Indian tourism industry is said to be contributing 250 Bn USD to the Indian GDP by 2030. Along with this, the desire among the public to stay in diverse accommodations that are different from generic hotels and resorts has also skyrocketed. For instance, India would 2.5 million more room in homestay segment as per research. The business of serviced apartments has managed to grow at the rate of 10-20 % every year, and it is said to grow with an unexpected CAGR in next 5 to 7 years. This information has been a great indicator for Bag2Bag to provide extended stays. Bag2Bag offers its customers a wide assortment of accommodations in quality hotels, resorts, homestays, service apartments and villas so travelers with varying accommodation requirements can choose a stay that best suits their needs. All these diverse accommodations are showcased individually on the Bag2Bag platform to create awareness about these accommodations for those who are unaware of these alternatives. With such distinctive representations of accommodations and a display of pre-discounted rates for weekly and monthly bookings, the company prioritizes creating an extremely customer-centric platform that is easy to use.

The founder and CEO of the company, Mr. Alok Mishra is focused about creating a holistic platform that addresses the pain points of travelers besides accommodation to bring hospitality as a whole to an online platform. Therefore, along with accommodations the company also allows its users to pre-book food and beverages with their room bookings and soon the experience segment will allow users to search for experiences nearby their accommodations and book them through this online platform.

There is a deeper reason why Bag2Bag took up the initiative to combine Accommodations with Food & Beverages and Experiences. India receives close to 50% of tourists from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Germany together making the list of top countries from where India expects international visitors, and a larger chunk of these visitors stay more than 2-3 weeks. Sometimes these foreign travelers struggle to organize their visits due to the unavailability of a singular platform that can cater to all of their requirements concerning food, accommodation, and the purpose of their visit. However now with Bag2Bag, they can uncover the beauty of India with homestays wherein guests not only enjoy the benefit of living in the homes of the locals and interacting with them but can also indulge in the delicious local cuisines and staple food of those regions to taste the symphony of local ingredients. They can also explore the activities and popular events from different Indian cities, which soon will be available on platform, to truly grasp what this country has to offer.

The company crafts all of its services by keeping the use case of customers and property providers in mind. By providing an innovative solution that solves the needs of food, shelter, and experiences in one online platform, travelers no longer need to flip through multiple tabs to find the ideal travel experience. Bag2Bag is not only providing solution for travelers but with diverse accommodation options and experiences segment it empowers the locals of many cities. These listings on platform not only generates additional revenue for local providers but also creates awareness about the services that do not receive proper representation. Bag2Bag is slowly but steadily providing genuine representations to many businesses going unnoticed in the hospitality industry while providing constructive solutions to all kinds of travelers.