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Chiva-Som International Health Resort celebrates 20 years of wellness

The most popular Chiva–Som signature treatments and services have been included in each package, in place of the daily massage normally provided.

HONG KONG – To celebrate 20 years of pioneering health and wellness at Chiva-Som, the resort is proud to present their exclusive 20th Anniversary Packages. Each of these seven individually tailored packages has been carefully designed to fulfill the objectives and goals of guests, and all include specifically selected treatments and services that produce synergistic results. In addition to this, the most popular Chiva–Som signature treatments and services have been included in each package, in place of the daily massage normally provided.
Chiva-Som’s 20th Anniversary Special Packages
Fitness Challenger Week: This package is aimed at guests who work out regularly but want to progress to a higher level, ensuring their personal fitness programmes remain effective and relevant. Challenge yourself, set new benchmarks, and be active with a comprehensive fitness week that will work almost every muscle in the body, helping you to gain and improve stamina, strength and stability during an active holiday.
Short Break Cleanse: This three-night package is ideal for those who would like to experience a detox programme on a short stay, as well as enjoy the benefits of therapeutic massage. It is designed to introduce and support the detoxing process, including treatments such as Chi Nei Tsang, Colonic Hydrotherapy and Deep Tissue Massage for additional effect and benefits.
Stress Cleanse: Stress can happen with or without us being aware of its full effect. If you find yourself suffering from physical or emotional stress, this package will provide the respite you need. Whether it is to maintain mind or body, at Chiva-Som, we have selected treatments targeted at reducing stress, including Super Stretch, Stress Release Therapy and Oriental Scalp Massage.
Weight Rebalance for Men: A weight rebalancing package specifically for male guests, designed to motivate, support and inspire results through treatments, exercises, balanced nutrition and personal training sessions.
Body Shape for Women: A focused weight and shaping package for female guests, aimed at helping motivate and inspire you to achieve your desired results through treatments, exercises, diet and training.
Life Change: This package is perfect for those who are looking for a combination of emotional and physical detox alongside fitness improvement. Included are a choice of personalised exercise preferences from such as methods as Pilates, Re-Functional Exercise and Personal Training. In addition, your body will be cleansed through treatments that help promote the detoxifying process at both a physical and emotional level, such as Aquatic Therapy Watsu, Crystal Massage, Chi Nei Tsang and Colonic Hydrotherapy.
Detox Formula: This package is perfect for those looking for an intensive detox programme. This highly focused package includes Oxidative Stress Test, Shirobhyanga, Dynamic Core Exercise and Accelerated Body Shaping, that help you ensure your detox process gives results and improve you both physically and emotionally.
We look forward to a fabulous year celebrating all Chiva-Som International Health Resort’s memorable moments, and those that the resort will continue to create,” said Sheila McCann, General Manager. “We are absolutely thrilled to be celebrating 20 years of success and continuing our commitment to offering every guest a total lifestyle transformation to achieve wellness and longevity, with a full range of health and wellness treatments, and to provide long-lasting inspiration to help our guests continue with new, positive changes as part of their lifestyle.


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