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China National Tourism Administration

Abroad destinations for Chinese tourists reach 90

National Tourism Working Meeting 2005 was held recently in Nanchang of Jiangxi…

National Tourism Working Meeting 2005 was held recently in Nanchang of Jiangxi. As learned, by the end of 2004 abroad destinations for Chinese tourists as approved by the State Council have reached 90, of which 63 have already been implemented.

As for now mainland areas, in which citizens make private travels to Hong Kong and Macao, have expanded to 32 cities in 6 provinces. It is estimated that tours from mainland to Hong Kong and Macao could reach 12 million and 7 million respectively last year.

During last year for the first time more than 100 million entries were made into Chinese borders. Foreign exchange earnings from tourism topped $25 billion. Total revenue from tourism exceeded 600 billion yuan.

Chinese plan overseas holiday trips

With the Lunar New Year less than a month away, many Chinese are making travel plans for the upcoming seven-day holiday. This year, more are expected to head overseas, as opposed to staying at home for traditional family reunions.

But this Spring Festival, Southeast Asian countries are no longer favorites because of the tsunami disaster. More luxury destinations such as Japan, Australia and Europe are getting popular.And this year, increasing numbers of travelers are now buying casualty accident insurance. In many big cities like Beijing and Guangzhou, figures show most travelers who register with travel agencies are taking out insurance.

The travel accident insurance provided by China Life Insurance costs 25 yuan or about three US dollars for a four-to-seven-day trip, with the maximum compensation at 100,000 yuan, about 12,000 dollars.

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