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Abacus boosts travel agency productivity with new agency management suite

Abacus International released a new travel agency management and productivity tools promising large efficiency gains in the way travel agency operations are managed. The new solution will be released in Brunei, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore, and made available to other markets served by Abacus throughout 2008.
Mr Brett Henry, Vice President of Agency Marketing, Abacus International said Abacus PowerSuite, a powerful mid-back office solution that helps travel agencies automate the entire range of travel agency operations from sales and invoicing to accounts reconciliation.
“As the name implies, Abacus PowerSuite is all about giving travel agency owners and managers fingertip control of their businesses. The suite is tightly integrated with Abacus Point of Sales solutions. This reduces transcription errors and improves productivity as customer data is automatically transferred to other applications such as invoices and exchange orders,” Mr Henry said.
Anticipating the future as travel agency needs change, Abacus PowerSuite has been developed with an in-built auto upgrade application, meaning future upgrades can very easily be applied on travel agency sites without additional consulting costs or downtime.
A key concern of many travel agencies, ensuring that appropriate controls are maintained over finances has been addressed by the release of Abacus PowerSuite. The suite includes an automated audit trail to prevent and detect any possible fraudulent or abuse of the system and ensure the effective management of customer accounts.
Other key features include sophisticated inventory management, tour planning and invoicing functions, comprehensive management reports, cash-flow analysis, features to assist outbound tour operators to manage and account for individual tours, facilities for managing information that is frequently requested by customers such as locations, amenities, rates and other information.
“Much of the costly manual processing which used to be part and parcel of the business of running an agency has now been reduced to a few simple clicks through the solution. Abacus PowerSuite is designed to make life easier for travel agency operators, while boosting the bottom line,” Mr Henry said.