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A journey is best measured in memories, not miles

5 smartphone photography tips for great travel photos.

A photographic journal is one of the best ways to make memories last a lifetime. Both first-time travelers, photographers and influencers alike, aspire to return from their trip with an archive of good travel pictures to share with their family and friends or on social media. These days, high-quality photographs do not necessarily require owning a fancy professional camera as smartphone cameras have improved increasingly in the past years. With a few smartphone accessories and photography tips, travel enthusiasts can produce top quality photography with only a mobile camera.

Indie Campers, a campervan rental company has reported 3x as many bookings in London this summer, compared to last year. As campervan travel is trending online and in the UK, Indie Campers are suggesting 6 ways to optimize your smartphone photography for great road trip memories.

1. Waterproof case or cover. An accessory to be able to bring your smartphone on watersport adventures like on a kayak, or if you are feeling a bit adventurous, even on a paddleboard. Waterproof cases are great to take epic shots, and even more convenient to carry as most of these pouches come with a lanyard that you can keep around your neck.

2. Shoot in burst mode. Getting travel photographs in burst mode is highly recommended to capture natural photographs during your escapades. The Burst mode takes about 10-30 shots in one click which enables you to capture spontaneous moments during an adventure. 

3. Use natural light. Avoid carrying another bulky item on your road trip, by using natural light to your advantage. It is completely free and can provide a wide range of light variations to get creative travel photographs. A top tip is to take advantage of natural light during the golden hour – just after sunrise and before sunset – and the blue hour – the 30 minutes before sunrise and after sunset, will get you some great shots and beautiful memories.

4. Rule of thirds and the golden ratio – A simple rule in photography is to divide your frame into thirds both horizontally and vertically. This ensures you to plot the focus of your frame better, and maintain a balance in space and object. The golden ratio is thereby a composition guide to where you should place your objects, as they should be to place objects at one of the inner intersections. As this is more balanced and pleasing for the human eye. Luckily, most phones have a built-in grid that can assist you to utilize this.

5. Stabilize your smartphone – Investing in a tripod or a stabilizer for your smartphone can get you more clearer, and sharper images from your road trip. Especially if you are on the go, having a stabilizer for your phone allows smooth movements and great panoramic photos.

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