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Decoding the IT&CMA 2023 agenda: A confluence of insights, innovation, and impact for MICE professionals


The IT&CMA 2023 event in Bangkok sets the stage for high-value discussions on sustainability, community engagement, and innovation in the MICE and Corporate Travel sectors.

The Incentive Travel & Conventions, Meetings Asia (IT&CMA) 2023 is poised to open its doors in Bangkok between 26th and 28th September. Established in 1993, IT&CMA remains a beacon of growth for the Asia-Pacific MICE industry. The event, co-located with Corporate Travel World (CTW) Asia-Pacific, provides a unique confluence of suppliers, thought leaders, and innovators in both the MICE and Corporate Travel sectors. Organized by TTG Events, a business group of TTG Asia Media, this year’s agenda showcases an array of high-value discussions. Let’s delve into what this year’s summit promises to offer.

The Agenda Unpacked

Day 1: Fostering Local Communities and Exploring Cruise Opportunities

Opening Keynote: Connecting Minds, Supporting Communities

Kicking off the event, this keynote underlines the symbiotic relationship between tourism, MICE partnerships, and local Thai communities. The discussion will offer insights into how tourism spending is being channeled to benefit local individuals and the productive outcomes of government partnerships.

Fireside Chat: Getting Deeper with Community Connections

The session aims to dissect the ripple effect of MICE activities on host communities, exploring how such events can spur urban development and enhance the quality of life.

CruiseXchange by IT&CMA

  • The Big Cruise Comeback: This keynote will navigate the choppy waters of the cruise industry’s revival and its implications for MICE tourism.
  • A New Way to Meet: The subsequent panel will deliberate on the unique opportunities cruises can offer as venues for inventive meetings and social engagement.

Day 2: Aligning Objectives and Accelerating Decarbonization


  • Conflicting Objectives: This session aims to resolve the dichotomy between what corporations and qualifiers seek from incentive travel experiences.
  • Paving the Way for Sustainability: A discourse on incorporating sustainability into the MICE industry while empowering local communities.

CTW Conference: Accelerate the Decarbonization of Business Travel

This session will touch on leveraging ESG principles, employing technology, and enhancing traveller experiences to make business travel more sustainable.

Day 3: Focusing on Association Excellence and Sustainability

Association Day Forum: Association Success

The session will provide actionable insights into driving growth and member engagement through innovation and collaboration.

ASEAN MICE Forum: Paving the Way for Embracing Sustainability

The discourse will focus on the significance of adopting sustainable and wellness-focused practices in MICE through local community engagement.

IT&CMA 2023 promises to be a wellspring of insights and opportunities. From advocating for local communities and unraveling the prospects in MICE cruises to demystifying conflicting objectives in incentive travels and urging sustainability, the summit aims to arm travel and hospitality professionals with the tools, perspectives, and strategies needed for industry growth and transformation.

A meticulous look at this agenda reveals a commitment to fostering a MICE industry that is both sustainable and beneficial for local communities. These themes resonate strongly with the current needs and future directions of the MICE sector, making IT&CMA a must-attend event for professionals vested in the development and evolution of the industry.

Co-Founder & Managing Editor - TravelDailyNews Media Network

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