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Agoda hosts ‘Fly for Less’ event, showcasing popular flight destinations

  • Agoda Fly for Less
  • Agoda management team led by Mr. Omri Morgenstern, Chief Executive Officer (Center), Mr. Matteo Frigerio, Chief Marketing Officer (Left) and Mr. Andrew Smith, Senior Vice President of Supply (Right) joined the launch of Fly For Less event - a visual voyage that spectacularly highlights the most popular flight destinations on Agoda through projection mapping displays.

Digital travel platform Agoda launches its first immersive ‘Fly for Less’ event to highlight popular flight destinations and extend its market reach.

BANGKOK, THAILAND – Digital travel platform Agoda is hosting its first-ever immersive event to highlight its flights offering. The ‘Fly for Less’ event is designed to take travelers on a visual voyage that spectacularly highlights the most popular flight destinations on Agoda. The event is hosted from the 14th of September until the 16th of September at Central World Square C in Bangkok.

The ‘Fly for Less’ event is open to the public free of charge and takes visitors on a visual journey through projection mapping displays. Additionally, a captivating photo booth allows attendees to capture their travel dreams.

Omri Morgenshtern, Chief Executive Office, Agoda said: “We want to be the travel platform of choice, where travelers can get their flights or activities at the same great value prices they have come to expect from Agoda on accommodations. That’s why Agoda introduced flight bookings on its platform in 2019, using our tech to help travelers find the best deals to destinations across the globe. We are excited to celebrate reaching ‘cruising altitude’ with Agoda Flights by hosting the ‘Fly For Less’ event right in the heart of the most popular flight destination on Agoda: Bangkok.”

Bangkok most popular flight destination on Agoda

At ‘Fly for Less’, Agoda also unveiled the most popular international flight destinations during the first half of 2023. Southeast Asian markets dominated the top five, with Thailand’s capital Bangkok on the top spot based on Agoda’s booking data. Singapore came in second, with Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City in fourth, and Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur in fifth. Seoul, South Korea splits the top five, coming in as the third most popular international flight destination.

Looking at where Thai travelers are taking off to internationally, it is Vietnam that stands out. Vietnam’s Da Nang, Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh City are Thailand’s favorites respectively. Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur round out the top five. Domestically the top three destinations are Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket.

Agoda’s Most Popular International Flight Destinations (Jan-Jun ‘23)
  1. Bangkok
  2. Singapore
  3. Seoul
  4. Ho Chi Minh City
  5. Kuala Lumpur
Agoda’s Most Popular Domestic Flight Destinations in Thailand (Jan-Jun ‘23)
  1. Bangkok
  2. Chiang Mai
  3. Phuket
  4. Hat Yai
  5. Khon Kaen
Agoda’s Most Popular International  Flight Destinations from Thailand (Jan-Jun ‘23)
  1. Da Nang
  2. Hanoi
  3. Ho Chi Minh City
  4. Hong Kong
  5. Kuala Lumpur
Agoda’s Most Popular Inbound Origins to Thailand (Jan-Jun ‘23)
  1. Singapore
  2. Vietnam
  3. Malaysia
  4. Japan
  5. Taiwan
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