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Post-pandemic travel survey found pent up travel demand strong and sustainable

Author: Theodore Koumelis / Date: Fri, 08/27/2021 - 13:50
Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre
Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre

ITE public visitor quality travellers as majority not cutting back on the travel budget.

The online survey on post-pandemic travel, which was held at the end of July during the first post-pandemic ITE 2021, received 4514 replies from ITE’s public visitors. Held in Hall 1 of the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (HKCEC), ITE this year drew in 4 days 2544 trade visitors and 27106 public visitors, and over 100 exhibitors with nearly two-third from abroad.

The survey found respondents or ITE public visitors eager to restart outbound travel but also prudent travellers. Among them, for example, pent up travel demand strong and sustainable; highly concern with quarantine and health measures in travel; majority not cutting back on travel budget in the coming year and willing to spend more for a safer holiday! Also, they are mature and well educated and prime targets in post-pandemic travel.

A similar survey was held in early May this year, which collected some 1400 replies, found great consistency in respondents’ profiles and findings. TKS, the organizer of ITE, which is Hong Kong’s only travel fairs, regularly conduct such travel surveys.

Mature & Educated, Respondents to spend more on Travel

Respondents or ITE public visitors are mature! The largest group by age among the respondents is those between 40 and 59, while those aged 60 or above are the third largest! Together, they account for 59% of all respondents! Nearly half of them with university education and some 60% will increase or keep their travel budget in the coming year, though social protests and pandemic have been in Hong Kong for over two years underline they likely are well off!

Eager & Quality Travelers

How soon will they restart travelling abroad? In fact, 21% said within one month after restrictions were lifted, so there exist strong pent up travel demand! What’s more, it is not a one-off fad but be continued as cumulatively 47% will restart travelling within three months, and 69% within six months!

Also, they really appreciate quality service, as over 80% of them are willing to pay more for a safer journey! In fact, those willing to pay for 20% or more is slightly larger than those to pay no more than an extra of 10%!

FIT or Tour Group

Pre-pandemic, some 85% of ITE public visitors prefer travelling in FIT, but the post-pandemic survey did find a changing attitude! On whether travelling in a tour group is safer than travelling individually, while those who disagree (30%) still constitute the largest group, it is smaller than the combined total of 46% of those who agree and those who think it possible! Even then, they prefer small tour groups, with group sizes below 10 and between 10 to 20 participants each, chosen by 46% of respondents!

Choosing Destination

The survey found their top concern is quarantine requirements which at 33% far larger than on price concession at 19%, while safety and hygiene measures ranked second and flexible cancellation / refund the third! They strongly reject quarantine, as over half (53%) respondents found it not acceptable at the destination, and slightly less than half (48%) when returning to Hong Kong!

Their Choices of Destination

Which destination according to their perception will reopen borders first, for example, is one important factor not included in the above but will likely affect their choice of destination. Accordingly, be reminded the findings below are more an indication of preference.

The Next ITE

ITE Hong Kong 2022, which incorporate the 36th ITE (Leisure) and the 17th ITE MICE, will be held from June 9 (THU) to 12 (SUN) at Halls 1 of the HKCEC.

In the first one and half days, admission is open only to registered visitors who will be issued a badge valid for unlimited access in the first two days, and travel trade and professionals can apply, via pre-registration, for free admission. For the remaining two and a half days, visitors can pay a fee at the entrance for admission.

Strongly supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China, ITE has Hong Kong Tourism Board, Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong and Macau Government Tourist Office etc. as Supporters.


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