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Australia`s global campaign hits the mark in every country

New Zealand will be the first international market where the new ‘Uniquely Australian Invitation’ campaign will be released, Tourism Australia Managing Director, Scott Morrison said. “Tourism Australia has…

New Zealand will be the first international market where the new ‘Uniquely Australian Invitation’ campaign will be released, Tourism Australia Managing Director, Scott Morrison said. “Tourism Australia has invested $6.2 million during the past 18 months to profile the target audience for this campaign. We constructed our message and tested it on them in our top seven markets where our target audience, the ‘Experience Seeker’, gave it a green light – it cuts through, they get it and it delivers a uniquely Australian invitation,” Mr Morrison said.

“Many people will have an opinion on how we should promote our country and so they should. But the opinions we have relied on are of those we are trying to reach in our key overseas markets, who we have tested and researched. These ‘Experience Seekers’ are in every country and they have a common set of values, motivations and attitudes to life and travel that we are tapping in to.”

“They travel to experience the differences and they want to immerse themselves in a distinctive, rich and authentic experience. They are educated and committed travellers but they are difficult to communicate to because they are media savvy and are high users of digital media,” Mr Morrison said.

Mr Morrison added ‘Experience Seekers’ are high yielding travellers, who typically come from households that have higher than average household income and are tertiary educated.

“‘Experience Seekers’ spend twice as much as the average tourist to Australia and get beyond the major gateways three times as much. These are the people we have tested the campaign on,” said Mr Morrison.

“This campaign draws on the high level of goodwill towards Australia and Australians. These ‘Experience Seekers’ are already intrigued by the Australian character, including our sense of humour. To reach them we have to cut through the communications clutter and get our message heard over our competitors. For example, there are some 180 other destinations currently marketing in the UK.”

“This is not a cultural essay but a carefully crafted and well researched campaign designed to encourage international travellers to get Australia off their wish list and into their travel itinerary.”

“While there are standard features of all executions in the campaign, there are subtle variations for each market, through the use of colloquial language translations and the inclusion of different sets of experiences based on this research.”

“The campaign has been developed with this need in mind and has employed a modular format by creating a palette of experiences that can be used in each market as required and according to our research. This ensures that the campaign is globally consistent and locally relevant,” Mr Morrison said.

The campaign has been tested in 54 focus groups consisting of the ‘Experience Seeker’ target audience. These focus groups were held in Australia’s top seven markets including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, South Korea, China and New Zealand. These markets account for 67 per cent of Australia’s tourism market by value.

“This exciting new campaign provides a compelling and uniquely Australian invitation to the world that celebrates our personality, our lifestyle and our place,” Mr Morrison said. “It has been carefully designed to cut through the clutter and motivate international tourists to stop putting it off and visit Australia now.”

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