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UK visitor figures to Singapore at record high

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) announced record high UK visitor figures to Singapore at World Travel Market 2005…

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) announced record high UK visitor figures to Singapore at World Travel Market 2005 . The UK visitor arrival figure for the first nine months of 2005 is 347,920 – beating the previous 2001 record of 344,944 visitors. The UK represents Singapore`s 7th biggest market in 2004.

Overall Singapore is en route to break 2004`s record 8.3 million visitors, with numbers continuing to rise throughout 2005. The European visitor figures for January – September 2005 are up 6.3% from same period last year at 830,524 visitors. STB is confident of maintaining the growth in the UK and Europe, and achieving record high visitor arrivals from UK and Europe in 2005.

The STB`s aggressive tourism strategy aims to double visitors (from over 8 million to 17 million) and triple tourism receipts (from £3.1 billion per annum to £9.7 billion per annum) to Singapore by 2015.

Kevin Leong, Acting Assistant Chief Executive for the International Group of the Singapore Tourism Board, said: “As a significant contributor to both Singapore`s visitor arrivals and tourism receipts, Europe is critical to Singapore`s long-term tourism growth. The strong support from airlines, tour operators and travel agencies is instrumental to our good performance in 2005. They are catalysts in changing consumer attitudes to holiday travel. Moving forward, we will continue investing and working with our partners to ensure that Europe expands as a primary source market for Singapore. We would not have done as well without them. A big thank you to all our partners!”

Victoria Sertic, Product Manager at Thomas Cook Signature affirmed: “Singapore is growing well for us year on year with the average stay creeping up to 3 or 4 nights. Its location at the heart of South-east Asia and cultural diversity make it so easy to combine Singapore with Langkawi, Bali, Koh Samui and Borneo. These traditional multi-centre experiences have helped us really boost our sales in 2005. We are excited to read about the huge levels of investment that will be pumped into the rejuvenation of Singapore. It is truly a city that never stands still.”

Mr Leong continued: “To catapult growth in visitor arrivals and to cater to consumers` demands for new experiences, Singapore is always on the move. The government has set aside £680 million Tourism Development Fund to attract world-class travel and tourism players and we have been talking to companies in the UK and Europe about investment opportunities. With our excellent infrastructure, connectivity and central location, Singapore is a natural test-bed for companies wanting to grow and to tap the rapid tourism development in Asia. We welcome discussions with tour operators and companies wishing to find out more about Singapore`s plan. The knowledge will enable the former to creatively package a confluence of old and new experiences unique to Singapore, and bring them to the clients.”

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