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SynXis adds Shangri-La Hotels to global customer base

SynXis will be Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts long-term distribution partner as the company announced. According to the agreement, Shangri-La properties will use the RedX Distribution Management System to distribute inventory to the global distribution systems (GDS) where they will be marketed to hundreds of thousands of travel agents and online travel sites, enabling millions of online consumers to book their properties.

Shangri-La will use SynXis to manage and promote its private label chain code, SG, and cited SynXis’ experience and success in this area as key to their decision to switch to SynXis. SynXis manages 34 private-label chain codes.

SynXis will support Shangri-La from its regional support centres in Singapore and Hong Kong, providing properties with the expertise necessary in the local markets. Moreover, Shangri-La will benefit from the Chinese and Japanese versions of the RedX Control Center.

RedX Channel Connect will link Shangri-La’s properties, via RedX, directly to online travel sites such as Travelocity, and ZUJI, and enable the hotels to better differentiate their products by providing information such as detailed stay policies and child pricing directly to retail points of sales. Shangri-La will collaborate with SynXis to develop new Channel Connects to the leading online travel agents throughout the Asia Pacific region.

“Shangri-La has outstanding properties and offers its guests the highest level of service, so we were not surprised that they had very demanding requirements for a distribution solution,” said Scott Alvis, president and general manager of SynXis. “This win is especially rewarding for SynXis as our whole global team came together and put forth a customized solution to meet Shangri-La’s specific needs. We are looking forward to adding them to our growing and prestigious list of customers in Asia Pacific and throughout the world.”

Shangri-La 54 properties include 24 hotels in mainland China. Shangri-La’s rapid expansion plans include properties throughout Europe and North America. SynXis is a key part of Sabre Holdings’ portfolio of services in the hotel space.

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