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Malaysia: The Hill Station – A one stop trade tourism center

The wave of economic development in Malaysia has brought much emphasis towards the property industry especially those located in the Klang Valley…

The wave of economic development in Malaysia has brought much emphasis towards the property industry especially those located in the Klang Valley. One such area in focus is Sungai Buloh-whose strategic location coupled with its matured mix of infrastructure and socio economic development makes this a Prime Location for both Government and Private interest.

The Hill` Station Project is a fine example of this and is being developed by Atlaw Housing Sdn Bhd and Marketed by Duracase Products Sdn Bhd. This is in line with the Government`s initiative in boosting the country`s Tourism Industry.

The project is unique and combines the best of Tourism and Trade under one roof. It is a platform where traders, manufacturers, SMI`s and Government institutions are able to converge and interact individually, regionally and globally in a forum under one roof; in the most effective and efficient manner.

With an average population of more than 1/2 a million people the surrounding radius; Sungai Buloh is the perfect place to set up this mega project which is bound to see an influx of increase human traffic both locally and internationally.

The Hill` Station Sg. Buloh will be build at a cost of more than RM 250 million and will consist of 3 phases located at 11th mile, Jalan Sg. Buloh, Selangor covering 9 acres of mix commercial and residential development.

Phase 1 includes the building and handing over of a Medium Cost Apartment which is currently under construction. Schedule for completion within 24 months.

Phase 2 involves the construction of a multi level commercial complex with adjoining KTM Commuter station together with a 20 storey service apartment located atop of the commercial and convention complex. Scheduled for completion in 36 months, the entire 2 phases will cost more than RM 250 million to developed.

The entire commercial and convention centre will have more than 1500 units of commercial prime lots for sale with an average selling price of RM 200,000 per unit. The entire centre will consist of a Hypermarket, A Malaysian Street Market, An International Convention Centre, An International Batik Centre and various supporting features such as a 36 Lane Bowling Alley, a Cineplex and estimated 2500 parking bays.

The developer will also construct a 15th century design Sino – Islamic Mosque with adjoining facility catering for the disable especially the blind and deft communities where various activities will carried out in assistance to this group of special people. The mosque facility itself is targeted to be a tourist attraction where tourist can have a first hand view of Malaysia`s unique blend of social and religious tolerance.

Apart from this, the project boast of having an integrated road and rail system; where tourist and the general public can have direct access to the commercial centre by direct link via KTM Commuter and from other rail systems via ERL, Monorail and LRT; accessed from anywhere within the Klang Valley to as far as KLIA.

In addition to this, the current Sg. Buloh – Kepong main road is being upgraded to a 6 lane dual carriage way. The KUANG interchange link from the Guthrie Corridor Highway and the flyover connecting Jln Subang – Kota Damansara is under construction with direct link to the commercial centre itself.

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