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ITE Hong Kong 2000 to be held between Jun 07, 2001 – Jun 10, 2001

ITE Hong Kong, set to be held in Hong Kong on Jun 07, 2001 – Jun 10, 2001, is the most established travel trade show held in…

ITE<.> Hong Kong, set to be held in Hong Kong on Jun 07, 2001 – Jun 10, 2001, is the most established travel trade show held in Hong Kong since 1986. which draw several hundreds of exhibitors from all over the world every year. Interested parties can find travel agencies that can give them a reminiscing trip. The show, held from June 7-10, 2001 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center, is the only international travel fair in Hong Kong offering a golden opportunity to international exhibitors and buyers to exchange market news and information whilst adding a new dimension to tourism.

Thousands of international buyers visit the expo through ITE HK buyer program. Exhibitors can meet and conduct business with these international travel buyers, as well as the trade, corporate and public visitors during the expo. There will be travel market seminars, product presentations and other events concurrently held with the Expo. Attendance: Trade and Public.

With over 20 successful years of staging international exhibitions in China and Asia, Adsale`s market sensitivity and attention to clients` needs have made it a widely recognized leader in its field:
the largest number of official pavilions is evident in Adsale`s China shows, with many of the participants continuing their support year after year;

about 1 million trade visitors attend Adsale`s shows each year;

the European Union provided continuous sponsorship for Adsale`s trade shows in China and Vietnam between 1987 and 1997;

a long history of co-operation has been maintained with international trade associations such as EUROMAP, EUMABOIS and CECE.
Besides being the pioneer of China trade shows, Adsale is also the only overseas organizer who maintained a full program of exhibitions in China between 1989 to 1991, when the China market was in relative doldrums, which, itself, is a testimony to both Adsale`s capability and commitment to the market.

Mas Sugara Travel Services Sdn Bhd, a travel agency in Brunei, will participate in ITE HK. The company is experienced in handling both inbound and outbound tours. It now handles about 600 to 700 passengers monthly, mainly from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In order to provide better service, its workforce has been strengthened. All the guides are professional and bilingual.

With a view to serve the needs of their targeted markets, they have formulated and introduced some new tours with competitive prices. Tours to the oilfields in Seria now include a visit to the famous Labi Orange Orchards. The `Day in the tropical forest` also includes a visit to the Labi Orange Orchard. There is no extra charge for these new attractions. Other new tours include dinner at the Jerudong Park Polo Club, an exclusive club where you can dine while entertained by a live band and a day at the Jerudong Park beach, lunch and drink are available. Horse riding is available at the beach for riding enthusiasts. Jungle trekking on horseback is another new attraction. Moreover, the company is planning to have a new tour to the grandstands of Polo Club.

Brunei is a vibrant destination for visitors because of its tradition and heritage. For example, the rainforest is undisturbed and has been there for millions of years. Sultanate is one of the oldest heritages in the world, over 600 years. These are the scenic spots that will attract most European and American tourists.

Amidst the Visit Brunei year 2001, more special interest tours such as bird watching, deep-sea fishing and diving are now available.

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