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Five things to keep in mind while looking for a pet-friendly accommodation

Be it an off-beat beach destination or a chilly hill station, make sure you keep the below in mind while planning a trip with your pets.

It can be heart-breaking to leave your beloved pet behind while you embark on your next adventure. But with an increasing number of travellers looking to take their smaller halves with them as well as more and more accommodations and airlines catering to those with pets, there’s really no reason your furry adventurers can’t join in the fun. On the occasion of National Pet Day, shared top tips on what to look for in a pet-friendly stay. With the summer travel season upon us along with the easing travel restrictions, now is the best time to explore the world with your furry companion by your side! Be it an off-beat beach destination or a chilly hill station, make sure you keep the below in mind while planning a trip with your pets.

Select accommodations using smart filters
Technology has today compensated for the geographical distance there is between our homes and a holiday destination, as we conveniently book accommodations through various applications. A pet owner would agree that booking the right accommodation ahead of their arrival at the destination is very important for a pleasant trip. To make the process even smoother, pet owners can search for accommodations that are pet-friendly by using the ‘pet-friendly’ filter on and ensure a comfortable stay for their pet. Travellers must also look for reviews on the website or app to understand fellow travellers and pooch parents’ first-hand experience at the accommodation. Do read through the fine print to confirm the pet fee.

Make sure the staff is known for loving—not just dealing with—pets!
While shortlisting an accommodation, make sure you speak with the staff ahead of your booking to make sure they are not just comfortable, but also fond of pets. This will enhance your pet’s experience and help in managing the anxiety arising from the journey. After all, a lovable environment is what your pet is used to and it’s important to maintain a similar environment. During your stay, travellers you must be proud of your pooch instead of dodging disapproving looks as you walk in the corridor. Ensuring the staff’s love for pets will help you avoid any displeasing situation.

Check out the scenery or nearby parks to make sure your precious pup can run and roam
Travelling is a far bigger experience for pets as they are taken out of their natural habitat. While making pets completely comfortable with travelling is a gradual process, giving your pooch a setting that makes them the happiest is one of the ways you can get them to have a positive association with travelling. And what better than having an open space where your pets can run to the fullest and roam about freely. Travellers must access the images of the accommodations to ensure there is enough and more open and scenic space for their furry companions to cherish the destination, as much as you do!

See if spa days and grooming services are available for your little love
Grooming and keeping your pet’s health is a number one priority. And travelling with pets means exploring the various landscapes the destination has to offer – be it the sandy beaches or muddy trek trails. The aftermath of such experiences for pets is the need for grooming and cleaning to ensure their health is not affected. Having such spa or grooming services at an accommodation helps travellers save the hassle of the upkeep of their pets. It also lets you and your pets be papered during your stay, providing a truly enriching and relaxing time.

Check for availability of gourmet pet menus
Remember that the food can make or break a trip, for you and your dog. Travellers must make sure the pet-friendly accommodation has enough and more food supplies for your pet so that you don’t have to carry an extra load of luggage to feed your pet. Many accommodations provide paw-fect gourmet menus to treat the taste buds of our little ones. The lipsmacking menus are also Instagram worthy as you can share your experience with the fellow pet parents, and inspire them to keep their furry friends by their side for their next trip. Travellers must call the accommodation ahead of their arrival to inform about any allergies their pets may have.

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