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First Benchmark Hospitality Property to receive award

Eaglewood Resort & Spa announces its Green Seal Silver Certification

Eaglewood Resort & Spa, a Benchmark Hospitality International property, has achieved the Green eal certification, it was recently announced by Charles Reece, general manager for the property. The Four Diamond award-winning resort is just one of only 40 throughout the country to have earned this prestigious distinction. Green Seal is a 20-year-old, independent, non-profit organization dedicated to creating a more sustainable world. Green Seal created a rigorous, science-based environmental standard for the industry, which includes nearly three dozen environmentally responsible criteria for lodging properties.

“We believe that protecting the environment is of great importance and one that we, as hoteliers, can most definitely impact,” said Mr. Reece. “We are pleased to take a leadership role in helping to create a sustainable tourism product for our next generation of guests and beyond.”

The resort spent the last two years preparing for the Green Seal requirements. As part of the certification process, the property underwent an extensive operations audit fulfilling difficult and detailed requirements in all areas of the resort. Eaglewood’s certification team was led by John Lee, chief engineer, Tom Wessberg, director of food & beverage, Mara Xenos, director conference services, and Kelly Gasspari, spa manager.

The Green Seal Designation is aligned with Benchmark Hospitality International’s system-wide sustainability initiative called Benchmark Evergreen. “Going green is not only environmentally responsible, but is fiscally sound, as well,” said Reece. “It is our hope that others in the industry will follow suit.”  

In fact, Eaglewood estimates that through its recycling efforts accomplished in Q2 and Q3 of 2009 alone, it saved: 33.6 tons of cardboard/paper; 126 yards of landfill space; 573 trees; 235,970 gallons of water; and 809 gallons of gasoline, for starters. 

Other aspects of the process included:
– Waste Minimization, Recycling and Reuse
Recycling bins are available in all public areas, guest rooms and employee areas. When possible, Eaglewood and its culinary staff collaborate with local waste specialists to compost food waste and donate unused food items to local charities.
– Energy Efficiency
Energy-efficient bulbs, highly efficient heating and ventilation equipment, and Energy Star appliances are used throughout the property.
– Management of Fresh Water Resources
Water conservation programs include guest linen recycling; laundry facilities that recycle most of the consumed water; low-flow showers, toilets, and faucets.
– Environmentally and Socially Sensitive Purchasing
Eaglewood’s purchasing partners are held accountable to ensure that every item ordered is environmentally sensitive. All paper products are post-consumer recycled, dishwashing and laundry detergents are biodegradable, and paint is low VOC.

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