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Experience modern Mexico in Beijing – Innovative exposition immerses visitors in an interactive adventure

Appropriate for visitors of all ages, this Mexican immersion experience featuring state-of-the-art innovation that tell Mexico's story using cutting-edge modern technology.

BEIJING – Where can one enjoy gastronomy recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO?
Who is one of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers and the leading exporter in flat screen televisions? What country has seen steady growth in the aerospace industry of nearly 20 percent, in the last decade?
The answer to these questions is Mexico, a destination blending a diverse, rich cultural heritage with modern innovation and creativity. It is a place that appeals and satisfies the most sophisticated leisure traveler or discerning business visitor.
Now, these experiences have arrived in China with an interactive exposition inviting visitors to be immersed in the real and modern Mexico. Located in Chaoyang Park, “Encuentrate con Mexico” , is a traveling, highly-visual and impactful, interactive exposition coming to Beijing on October 31, 2014 .
Appropriate for visitors of all ages, this Mexican immersion experience featuring state-of-the-art innovation that tell Mexico’s story using cutting-edge modern technology. Housed in a stunning white dome that sits on the expansive plaza near West Gate 4 and the Solana Mall entry of Chaoyang Park, ” Encuentrate con Mexico ” immediately mesmerizes visitors. Stepping inside, visitors are transported into a singularly unique and extraordinary experience that marks the beginning of their journey through the interactive exposition.
A stunning video experienced on 12 oversized flat screens unfolds the story of Mexico. Visitors will learn basic facts such as where Mexico is located, its flag, the general population and geography. They move into the inner dome where they can have a deeper and enriching experience that includes 13 innovative stations that bring Mexico to life; guests can:
– Play with interactive touch screens to learn more about artisanal Mexico that simulates museum arts pieces through advanced 3D technology.
– Walk into a virtual dressing room, where a wardrobe change is as easy as pressing a button — both men and women will be invited to choose an outfit to “try” on in either the latest fashion or traditional dress.
– Be transported through the amazing wizardry of augmented reality and recreate the rush of riding rapids or soaring high in the sky in a hot air balloon, and a “Fly through Mexico City” where one can visit up to six iconic tourist sites.
– Dive deep into experiences that showcase the best of Mexico’s offerings through amazing visual displays and audio storytelling using touch screens to explore a variety of tourism offerings: Culture, Sun and Beach, Adventure and Nature, Business and Luxury.
– Get to know Mexico through a virtual 360 degree tour of the country’s 32 states, that include archeological sites, bustling cities and world heritage sites, nature zones, and magical towns
– Visit Mexico using the magic of modern technology that invites visitors to select up to three backdrops: Chichen Itza, City of Campeche and Paseo de la Reforma, Mexico City’s famous wide avenue that runs diagonally across the heart of the city, for a virtual picture to then share with friends and family through social media.
– Enjoy a visual introduction to Mexico with a selection of 11 videos on a range of topics that include aerospace, automotive, creativity, sustainability, gastronomy, economy and more.
– See one of the world’s most unique pieces of art, The “Vochol” — a Volkswagen (VW) Beetle that is decorated in traditional Huichol beadwork by 8 artisans; in fact, more than 2,277,000 beads cover this beautiful work of art that took 9,000 hours of work to design and decorate.
– Use an interactive table that visually highlights Mexico’s accomplishments in agriculture, automotive, silver and creative industries, to name a few.
– Watch more than 15 of Mexico’s famous pre-Hispanic artifacts appear at their fingertips through the power of holographic imaging.
The interactive pavilion will also extend into social media, with visitors encouraged to interact with the official Mexico Tourism Board Sina Weibo account to win prizes that even include a trip for two to an amazing Mexican destination. Sina Weibo users who wish to see more incredible content about Mexico can also follow the official account of the Mexico Tourism Board or by visiting
Visitors can experience “Encuentrate con Mexico” from October 31, 2014 through November 20, 2014, and admission to the pavilion is free. The exposition has traveled from Madrid to Beijing , with plans to visit other countries.


Photo caption: Rodolfo Lopez Negrete Chief Executive Officer, Mexico Tourism Board, attending the opening ceremony of Encuentrate con Mexico in Beijing’s Chaoyang Park on 30 October, 2014.
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