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Effective Exhibiting Made Easy – Your guide to getting the best out of Travel and Tourism Fairs

The transformation of the travel business over the last 20 years from a collection of largely national companies into a global industry means buyers no longer treat trade fairs as mere fun days out and exhibitors are demanding a concrete return on the investment they make in their stand. But simply booking stand space at a tourism exhibition is not enough. With a bit of thought and planning, exhibitors can vastly increase the effectiveness of their presence at ITTFA tourism exhibitions with the direct result that more contracts will be signed with higher-quality business partners at the end of each day.

ITTFA has produced a useful guide, “How to Exhibit Effectively”, which leads you through the stages of planning, implementing and following up a successful exhibition strategy. The Guide includes detailed sections on:

  • Using Travel Exhibitions
  • Setting Your Obejectives
  • Choosing The Right Show
  • Planning 5. Getting The Stand Right
  • Promotion
  • Stand Staffing
  • Working The Exhibition
  • Follow Up
  • Technology

It also includes a calendar of events and details of our members and media partners.
This Guide is now available on line at
Alternatively, if you would like us to send you a copy by mail, please email with your details.
We hope you will find this Guide a useful industry tool when it comes to planning your participation at an upcoming travel show.

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