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Pacific Asia Travel Assocation

PATA announces `Total Tourism`

The Pacific Asia Travel Assocation adopted the concept of Total Tourism at its…

The Pacific Asia Travel Assocation adopted the concept of Total Tourism at its Annual General Meeting meeting on April 20. The new direction empowers PATA to promote travel `from` Asia Pacific. Previously, PATA`s mandate had only been to promote travel `to` and `within` the region.

Seventy-five percent of Asia Pacific outbound is currently to destinations within the region

The shift recognises the new realities of the Asia Pacific marketplace. PATA launched its Allied Partner programme last year, which allows local, regional and national tourist bodies outside Asia Pacific to gain access to the region?s outbound markets.

PATA President and CEO, Mr. Peter de Jong, said: `To debate the extent of our involvement in inbound versus outbound flows has become increasingly academic. In terms of operational viability, infrastructure utilisation and economic importance, our air and cruise lines, hotels and ground operators welcome all travel flows.`

He added:`Adopting Total Tourism as our mantra allows PATA to greatly expand its sphere of influence, and truly become a global player.` Jong described Total Tourism as `the sum of the effects of inbound, outbound and domestic travel. When appreciated as a collective, it produces a fuller understanding of the size and impact of our travel and tourism industry`.

As part of the commitment to Total Tourism, PATA will conduct a full survey of members` opinions on ways PATA can review, rethink, refocus and restructure its tourism agenda for the future of travel in Asia Pacific.

`It will be the membership that produces the views and recommendations,` said Mr. de Jong. `We will include the views of the many small- and medum-sized enterprises, who are often the first victims of crises, but whose views are seldom heard. No issue will be too big or too small,` he said.

No consultancy groups or task forces will be used. PATA members will supply the information. The responses will be compiled and analysed into a detailed report that will be presented to the PATA Board of Directors and to the PATA membership at large.

`It will ensure that Total Tourism is not just another clever slogan, but a powerful and meaningful direction for all of us,` said PATA`s chief executive.

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