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AVIS and VariFlight cooperates to enhance airport transfer service

According to Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), China surpassed the US in business trip expenditure in 2016 with a total amount of $318 billion USD, ranking first in the world.

The Spring Festival is around the corner, and more homesick passengers have already booked the homebound air tickets. As discussed earlier in 2018 National Civil Aviation Work Conference, China Civil Aviation probably handled 549 million person-times in 2017, with a year-on-year growth of 12.6 percent, and is expected to reach 612 million person-times in 2018. According to the survey conducted by Yiguan Zhiku, more and more travelers tend to choose airport pickup and drop-off, indicating a persistent growth in car service demand along with air passengers increase.

Focusing on travel efficiency and comfort level, business elites also account for a large part of airport transfer consumers. According to Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), China surpassed the US in business trip expenditure in 2016 with a total amount of $318 billion USD, ranking first in the world. Additionally, it’s expected to reach $344.6 billion USD in 2017, almost 18 percent higher than the US. With the spurting growth of air passengers and the sustaining prosperity of business travel market, airport transfer service has become the most potential market in car rental market segment in China. The rapid increase of the business creates an urgent demand for quality improving. On Jan 22, AVIS, the well-known American car rental enterprise, launched its strategic partnership with the aviation data service provider VariFlight, to comprehensively promote the airport transfer service in China. This win-win cooperation indicates an upcoming innovation in Chinese airport car rental market, as well as creates a brand-new experience for all passengers.
Innovative Technology Boost Airport Transfer Accuracy 
“It’s lucky that your flight is punctual, while delays are just the destiny.” This popular self-mocking actually reveal a cruel fact that flight delays cause headache for millions of passengers. According to VariFlight, airports in mainland China have an on-time departure rate of 64.5 percent in 2017, with an average delay of 40 minutes, from which car rental service, other than those distraught passengers, suffers the most. When a departure delays, car service providers need to adjust the dispatching logic to improve operation efficiency. “To avoid time loss brought by flight delays, all delay factors shall be taken into algorithm evaluation in VariFlight’s solution”, Director of VariFlight car services aid, “We help car rental companies to optimize order dispatching algorithm through a more accurate ETA and ETD and ultimately improve their operational efficiency.” As an innovative pioneer in exploring flight delay solutions, VariFlight’s top-ranking data processing capacity is the best tool to deal with flight delays. VariFlight’s services not only provide delay causes and arrangement advices, but also extend to the airport ground operation. Therefore VariFlight has the chance and the right product to collaborate with AVIS. 

Founded in 1946 in Detroit, USA, AVIS is the world’s first car rental company which expand its services into airport transportations. With more than 6,000 service points across the world covering 165 countries and regions, AVIS has grown into one of the world’s biggest car rental brands enjoying the most products and the most extensive range of services. In 2002, AVIS formally entered China opening 65 stores and 239 service points in 30 cities. Through this innovative cooperation in technology, AVIS will comprehensively implement VariFlight’s support programs of airport transfer into its mobile terminal to improve the accuracy of services. For the upcoming Spring Festival rush in next few weeks, AVIS will optimize car dispatching program, make the airport transfer time more punctual and eliminate the delay barriers based on VariFlight’s intelligent data forecasting of passenger flow for more convenient and comfortable services.

Win-Win Cooperation Builds a New Type of Operations for China’s Airport Transfer Service
Integrated with AVIS’ mobile terminal, “support program of airport transfer service” improves operating efficiency and accuracy of connection between flight schedules and pickup/drop-off time. Moreover, it brings an unprecedented experience to the passengers. Adhering to the brand concept of “We try harder”, AVIS has an early insight into an urgent demand of travel consumption upgrading with many years of industry experience. With the updating of people’s consumption concept, we are exploiting more time- and energy-saving ways to travel. Time is the most precious for everyone. Therefore, customers tend to spend more time on the trip rather than on the road.

As a well-known international car rental company with over 70 years of history, AVIS has always stick to the philosophy of “more than car rental, but quality services”. Through this win-win cooperation with VariFlight, AVIS aims to improve the precision of airport transfer service and solve the problems in car rental caused by flight delays, so as to set up a new type of operations for China’s airport transfer service. AVIS hopes to make consumers experience more convenient and comfortable.  In this cooperation, AVIS embraces innovations in technology and high-quality development in service, leading the car rental industry in more enjoyable services by low cost and high quality.

“AVIS has been committed to providing users with convenient, comfortable, assured and safe travel experience. This cooperation with VariFlight upgrades our online airport transfer service, as well as improves the operation efficiency. In the future we will create more transfer choices for Chinese users” said the AVIS MKT Chief of China. AVIS will fulfill its mission to cooperate with high-quality service providers to offer consumers more superior, diversified and qualified experiences.

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