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Arcarnus releases its hot 100

Arcarnus, a luxury membership-based lifestyle management organisation, released its Hot 100 list of…

Arcarnus, a luxury membership-based lifestyle management organisation, released its Hot 100 list of  must-see destinations, hip designers, sure-thing trends, media movers and exciting events for the year 2005.

The Hot 100 list was created following an extensive survey that asked Arcarnus` exclusive members and client managers for their thoughts regarding what`s hot and what`s not for the coming year. Amongst the more surprising results is the inclusion of Uzbekistan`s Silk Route, Moscow`s Cabaret Club and Gold Leaf Saki in the Hot 100 list of places and things for the upcoming year.

Arcarnus managing director, Xenios Thrasyvoulou says: “Arcarnus members are extremely discerning and know what they want from life. While some of the more obscure results in our Hot 100 list may surprise the general public, they don`t surprise us as a company – because we have been dealing with challenging requests from our sophisticated members every single day.

“Arcarnus was developed from the very start to offer the very best in life to the select few – and to do it well. Arcarnus strives to cater to the demands of the world`s top one per cent, and the Hot 100 list merely acts as a lightening rod that points the way towards what the world`s top one per cent are striving to achieve and emulate.”

Arcarnus offers a full lifestyle management service covering luxury travel, leisure, and hospitality needs, operates on a round-the-clock basis, and uses a dedicated staff of client managers, and a network of global representatives in 50 countries.

Arcarnus` current list of clients includes celebrities, royalty, sports figures and numerous Fortune 500 CEOs. Their confidentiality is constantly maintained, with Arcarnus` membership list always kept private.

A monthly review keeps clients informed on everything from the hottest new resort destinations to exclusive Arcarnus membership benefits. Recent offerings include reductions on clay pigeon shooting getaways at the exclusive Bishopstrow House Hotel from £370 to £180 per night and free consultations by interior designer Pushaun Choudhury, commended for his work by The Guardian.

Arcarnus client and Deutsche Bank trader Tony Hall says: “Arcarnus is the only company I have been able to work with that caters to my needs and does so in a way that makes me feel like they really know what I want before I do. I feel comfortable knowing I can turn to Arcarnus to arrange VIP entrance to Pangaea, a holiday in Cambodia, the purchase of limited edition Pharrell Williams eyewear from Louis Vuitton or tickets to the Carling Cup. Arcarnus truly does know luxury.”

Arcarnus` Hot 100 list


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