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Amadeus announces Microsoft has chosen Cytric to transform business travel for its employees

Cytric by Amadeus to provide Microsoft with an innovative travel booking experience suited to its dynamic and growing business.

Cytric by Amadeus will enable Microsoft employees to plan, book and change their journeys with a much more interactive, intuitive and seamless experience. In the first stage, Microsoft will deploy Cytric solutions to a selected group of its employees. This initial phase includes the roll out of Cytric Easy and the integration of Cytric Travel into Microsoft 365, enabling users to plan trips and share travel details with colleagues without ever leaving their day-to-day applications such as Microsoft Office or Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft, one of the world’s leading global software companies, is continuing an ambitious digital transformation process within its corporate travel division to deliver a richer, more intuitive travel experience for employees. For Microsoft, having a tool flexible enough to adapt to its global travel policy, including its well-known focus on sustainability and accessibility, has been key in the decision.   

“Microsoft and Amadeus have a vision and commitment to deliver the best solutions for the travel industry and beyond. We are focused on applying innovation to support Microsoft and we believe Cytric by Amadeus will push the boundaries of what the corporate travel sector has seen until this point. It is a hugely exciting opportunity for us, confirming our commitment to travel technology innovation that improves the experience for travelers at a global scale,” said Rudy Daniello, Executive Vice President, Amadeus Cytric Solutions. 

Eric Bailey, Global Travel Director for Microsoft added: “This milestone lays another foundation block for integrating technology into the travel booking and in destination experience. We want to simplify every aspect of business travel for our employees, Cytric does this with its intuitive user experience. 

“We have an ongoing partnership with Amadeus and a joint vision, as part of a wider collaboration, to redefine corporate travel.  We are pleased our employees will also benefit from vision and experience.”  

Building on the global strategic partnership announced in 2021 that will harness cloud technology to innovate and explore new products and solutions and create smoother travel experiences in the future, the companies continue to work together as part of the multi-year, global agreement.   

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