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Airsavings partners with AXA Assistance to create new revenue streams for LCCs

Paris-based Airsavings and insurance giant, AXA Assistance, announced a new partnership and revenue-creation program for the airline industry. Airsavings’ alliance with AXA Assistance – a subsidiary of AXA Group, the global insurance leader with presence in 80 countries and with more than €1.3 trillion in assets under management – will include AXA as the preferred Channel Partner for the low cost airline market.

The partnership with AXA and the subsequent integration of their travel insurance services into Airsavings’ dynamic online booking platform AirlinePlus, instantly brings quality brand recognition, as well as the best conversion rates and the highest margins possible to participating LCCs. For Southeast Asian carriers, the AXA option also carries a legitimacy that transcends the sociological and linguistic barriers of such a diverse marketplace.

Airsavings’ CEO, Raphael Bejar, will be announcing full details of the partnership at next week’s Asia Pacific Low Cost Airline Congress in Singapore. He will also address the challenges and benefits of such international partnerships, as well discuss the future and best practices of ancillary revenue development.

The French company, recognizing the enormous growth potential for low cost carriers in the Southeast Asia region, recently opened offices in Singapore to provide the rapidly expanding industry with it group buying techniques and dynamic online booking platform – AirlinePlus – that have propelled the company to enormous success throughout Europe and North Africa. A respected back-end force for LCCs, the company specializes in ancillary revenue generation through the development of ancillary products and services, and through the effective utilization of strategic alliances as evidenced by its recent partnership with AXA Assistance. Airsavings also facilitates the creation of purchasing alliances, enabling LCCs to achieve otherwise unattainable economies of scale – a key component of the low cost carrier operational model.

The Asia Pacific Low Cost Airline Congress promises to underscore Airsavings’ grasp of the low cost airline model, and to showcase the broad range and utility of services the company is providing to low-cost airlines around the globe, and now Southeast Asia. Moreover, the Congress will highlight the enormous growth potential of Southeast Asia in travel and tourism, with specific respect to low cost carriers. And of course, the role in which Airsavings will play in the region as it helps fuel the growth of these carriers through its services, technology and expertise.

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