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‘Truly Enlightening’ – Korea’s Temple Stay Program is looking for supporters

Many travellers are looking for more than the average trip during their vacation these days.

LONDON – With Korea’s Buddhism foundation set to bring their teachings to the Korea Tourism Organisation‘s WTM 2013 stand, this part of Korean culture is stretching out to an international market.

It isn’t enough to just go to a place and see the sights; the visitor to a new country wants a different insight, a true immersion into a different culture and maybe even a glimpse of things from a different point of view.

‘Temple Stays’ have become part of the Korean tourist experience for many years now, so much so that ‘Temple Stay’ organizers are looking for supporters who are prepared to conduct promotional activities related to Temple Stay and to do volunteer work, amongst like-minded individuals from all over the world.

There are many reasons to get involved but three of the key aspects to the program are as follows. The first is ‘Travel’ – to set out on a journey toward happiness through the training program which will be carried out over 2 months before the actual work starts; ‘Story’ – create ‘our’ story through various Buddhist cultural exchange program; ‘Discovery – discover new aspects while going through various activities with other international participants.

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