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Tourism Malaysia and GoPro kick off expedition in Sabah

From exciting urban quests, to exotic beach escapades, to lofty mountaintop retreats – and everything in between – Malaysia certainly has it all, with so much just waiting to be seen and discovered.

KOTA KINABALU – With the easing of travel restrictions and reopening of the Malaysian leisure and tourism industry, local residents have sought out to satiate their appetite for adventure and discovery by exploring the many wonderful holiday destinations this beautiful country has to offer. From exciting urban quests, to exotic beach escapades, to lofty mountaintop retreats – and everything in between – Malaysia certainly has it all, with so much just waiting to be seen and discovered.

For 21 GoPro content creators, it was certainly an opportunity for adventure and discovery when they were recently whisked away on a 3-Day-2-Night lush tropical getaway to Sabah’s Bungaraya Island Resort. The retreat is a continuation of the Dream Malaysia campaign by GoPro and Tourism Malaysia to amplify the success of the campaign held last year which sought to celebrate the beauty of local lifestyle and travel through the production of videos.

GoPro is thrilled to be part of the reopening of travel and tourism in Malaysia, beginning with excursions to Gaya Island and other parts in Sabah. Through working with Tourism Malaysia and ECHO Resorts, it has given us a once-in-a-lifetime to bring GoPro creators to some of the most must-visit destinations in the world to capture the diverse beauty of East and West Malaysia,” said Rick Loughery, Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications at GoPro.

Dream Malaysia seeks to inspire and amaze through the production of videos that showcase the country’s destinations and there’s no better way to do that than with the unique perspectives and immersive angles that only a GoPro camera can provide,” he added.

The content creators certainly received an unforgettable experience when ECHO Resorts closed out the entire tropical paradise of Bungaraya Island Resort, perched on the hillsides of Polish Bay on Gaya Island. They were feted to full board throughout the duration of the retreat, including accommodation, meals and a plethora of activities, which included diving, snorkeling, sailing, paddle boarding, and mangrove kayaking, among others.

Meanwhile, the excursion also saw the GoPro team exploring other hidden wonders in Sabah, while engaging in activities which include river tubing at Tambatuon Eco- Village and visiting Tamu Kundasang and Lasau Podi.

With the reopening of Malaysia’s borders, the continuation of Dream Malaysia campaign kicks off at a truly opportune time. We are confident that the amazing video content created using GoPro’s industry-leading technology will play an incredibly instrumental role in showcasing Sabah and other local destinations to the world, especially those with an insatiable appetite for adventure travel,” said Dato’ Hj. Zainuddin Abdul Wahab, Director-General of Tourism Malaysia.

This collaboration between Tourism Malaysia and GoPro also bears testament to the tremendous potential for economic development that can be realized through Public- Private Partnerships, which can be strategic and instrumental tools to accomplish what neither can do alone. But together, the sum can truly be greater than its parts. We certainly look forward to working with GoPro to realizing the dream of what we hope to be a truly successful campaign in every right. As Malaysia welcomes international visitors, let the adventure begin!” he added.

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