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Global Association of the Exhibition Industry

UFI members endorse code of ethics

Members of UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, have wholeheartedly endorsed an…

Members of UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, have wholeheartedly endorsed an industry Code of Ethics. Ruud van Ingen, UFI President, explained the need for this code saying, our very first statement says it all. `We believe that a commitment to ethical conduct is a constructive approach to successfully achieving our professional goals. UFI members, the major exhibition organisers, exhibition centres and tradeshow service providers around the world, have a professional obligation to provide their clients – exhibitors and visitors alike – with activities, venues and services in accordance with accepted standards, laws and regulations.

The UFI Code of Ethics is intended to serve as a guide to everyday professional conduct. While the Code of Ethics applies only to UFI Members, these members comprise the world`s leaders in the trade fair and exhibition industry. All UFI members are requested to prominently display this Code and apply it systematically in the conduct of their business.

The Code consists of nine points and covers the provision of accurate information related to exhibition activities, the respect of intellectual property rights, and compliance

with health safety and environmental regulations.

Vincent Gerard, UFI Managing Director, stated Members of UFI share a dedication to ethical behaviour and have adopted this code to declare the association`s principles and standards of practice. Implicit in this Code is our commitment to continually improve the level of our professional competence and ability.

UFI anticipates that the trickle-down effect of this Code will reach far beyond the limits of its membership.

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