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Iru Fushi Beach & Spa Resort announce the first sleep spa concept in the Maldives

Iru Fushi Beach & Spa Resort - MaldivesIru Fushi Beach & Spa Resort, which opens late summer 2008, recognises how important sleep is to its guests and is to launch the first Sleep Spa concept in the Maldives. In collaboration with Sun Spa, the programme, entitled Sweet Dreams, has one main goal – to help adults and children relax and to catch up on that much needed sleep that many of them can only dream of doing whilst on holiday.

A holiday is something to look forward to, however, the stresses of modern day life can often take their toll and the sheer effort of getting away from work, let alone packing a suitcase and coping with any airport dilemmas, can often be quite traumatic. So much so, that even whilst away in the most tranquil of surroundings, it can take some the entire holiday to begin to relax and catch up on their sleep.

For Adults, the Sweet Dreams programme includes:

  • Special afternoon and evening spa treatments to encourage a siesta or good night’s sleep
  • A yoga specialist who will offer private classes teaching special breathing techniques and stretching exercises designed to encourage relaxation
  • Special teas designed to aid sleep
  • Massages and baths with essential sleep-inducing oils
  • A sleep concierge who is on-call so if guests can’t sleep they can ring for encouragement
  • CD’s of poetry, music or a talking book which can be delivered to the room so Sweet Dreams guests can listen to their very own bedtime story
  • A Sleep-All-Night-Cap, a special cocktail created using ingredients to aid sleep

Parents can rest assured that the younger member’s won’t lose sleep on holiday either, as Sweet Dreams also extends to children and is currently offered on a complimentary basis. It includes:

  • A selection of children’s books that can be borrowed from the library for a bedtime story
  • Early evening dinner buffet, bedtime story groups and slumber parties, hosted in conjunction with the kid’s club
  • Audio-book or music-related CD’s for children to listen to as they fall asleep
  • Sleep inducing drinks such as warm milk or hot chocolate

There will also be a full programme of kid’s club activities which children can participate in. Some activities will be subject to a charge.

Commenting on the new Sweet Dreams concept, Tina Dotzauer, PR & marketing manager for Iru Fushi’s Sun Spa says, “We have customised Iru Fushi’s spa pavilions to include low and mood lighting and have special beds designed to align the body in such a way to encourage relaxation and sleep after the massage treatments. It’s customary spa practice to leave a guest to relax for a few minutes after a treatment, but so many times we hear how they would prefer just to stay where they are and take a nap after their massages. Guests on the Sweet Dreams programme will be able to do just that, leaving the spa not just thoroughly relaxed but also refreshed and energised after enjoying a wholesome siesta.

“In addition the yoga specialist will show guests how to fill in a sleep diary, which will be discussed each day and aims to give a useful insight into each individual’s sleep patterns and will ultimately help with techniques for sleeping more soundly.”

To aid a restful night’s sleep Iru Fushi will also offer a Pillow Menu with a choice of fillings ranging from natural carded cotton and down to blends of hollow, dry and siliconized fibers as well as rejuvenation pillows with buckwheat hull, millet hull and wool fillings. Guests will also be advised which pillow best suits their sleeping position, so whether a front, side or on-the-back sleeper, they can be assured of a comfortable pillow to lay their head onto.

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