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Two partners will take advantage of each other's specialty, industry expertise and operational capability

CSOS signs strategic partnership agreement with Tibet Airlines

China’s first emergency assistance firm with a global servicing capability, CSOS (Shenzhen CSOS Assistance Company Limited), and Tibet Airlines Company Limited, China’s first highplateau-based airline firm, signed a strategic partnership agreement, with CSOS being appointed as the latter’s exclusive service provider to evaluate medical assessment form for special passenger groups in line with international standards and best practices. CSOS will also utilize its air medical expertise to provide first aid toolkits and flight crew training programs for Tibet Airlines with international standards and certifications to enhance in-flight emergency handling capacity and passenger safety.

This marks that Tibet Airlines has become China’s first civil aviation enterprise to have adopted the medical evaluation system equivalent to international standards, enabling it to provide more comprehensive and professional medical transport services to both increasing inbound domestic, overseas tourists and outbound travelers in Tibet Autonomous Region seeking for medical treatment elsewhere.

This strategic partnership also marks China’s first “Dream Team”of air medical emergency assistance has come into operation in the high plateau of Tibet, with a collaborative service model combining the expertise and resources of the two parties, – the high plateau aviation specialist, Tibet Airlines and the Chinese air medical specialist CSOS. Under the agreement, these two partners will take advantage of each other’s specialty, industry expertise and operational capability to satisfy the growing demands for air medical evacuations in Tibet region.

According to official statistics, Tibet Autonomous Region, as one of the world’s most renowned tourist destinations, attracts a large number of overseas and domestic tourists every year. The number of inbound travelers has maintained a rapid growth in recent years. In the meantime, with the continuous improvement of living standards and increase of government support, the number of local residents traveling to other parts of China for alternative medical treatment has also been on the rise. Air medical transport is widely recognized as one of the most efficient means for patient transport.

Tibet Airlines’ Deputy General Manager Mr. Li Cheng said: “Being the world’s first high plateau based airline operator, we consider our strategic partnership with CSOS not only a significant step forward to strengthen flight emergency risk control, but also a great value added to our service innovation. As an emerging civil aviation company, we are firmly committed to social responsibility and strive to help more people with our services! “

He stressed that this strategic partnership will also enable Tibet Airlines to further enhance its regional presence and optimize its capability to offer passengers a more reliable, convenient and efficient means of emergency medical evacuation. In addition to a safe and comfortable flight experience for passengers, this will also help to promote the long-term development of tourist industry in the Tibet Autonomous Region.

Mr. Lu Haikuan, CEO of CSOS, further explained, “Due to ambient air pressure changes during the take-off and landing of aircrafts and the reduction of oxygen pressure, traveling by air turns out to be quite riskier or even life threatening for certain types of passengers, who are suffering from a heavy trauma, cardiovascular complications, respiratory diseases, or those who are in need of critical care through the journey. In order to ensure flight safety, most international airline firms have made it compulsory to evaluate in advance the “fit for flight” for such special passenger groups. Passengers have to provide their medical information for assessment before receiving approval from airline firms. However, most domestic commercial airlines have not adopted such best practices as of yet, and most of their current evaluation methods are not in compliance with international standards either.”

He said, being the first Chinese emergency medical assistance specialist with a global servicing capability and in full compliance with international EMS protocols, CSOS attached great importance to the strategic partnership with Tibet Airlines and will help establish the medical evaluation system of special passengers as commonly used by international airline firms, by leveraging their air medical expertise and years of international medical emergency assistance experiences.

CSOS and Tibet Airlines are very synergetic to each other in conducting air medical evacuations in Tibet region, and both parties are committed to serving patients with excellent service, greater safety and timeliness.

Mr. Lu said, “We sincerely hope that this system can be applied to the day-to-day operations of more airline companies, so that the medical evaluation system being utilized in China’s civil aviation industry will be in full compliance with the international standard and traveling by air for special passengers that need medical care will become more convenient and safer.”

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