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2014 China Jiuzhaigou International Ice Fall Tourism Festival upcoming

These events will also enhance the presence of Jiuzhaigou's winter tourism brands and balance out Jiazhaigou's tourism traffic across the four seasons.

JIUZHAIGOU – The launch of the Ninth International Ice Fall Tourism Festival at Jiuzhaigou, a well-known tourist destination in China, is scheduled for Jan 12, 2014. Joao Manuel Costa Antunes, Chairman of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), Ninan Chacko, Global Chief Executive Officer of PR Newswire and over 300 representatives from world-renowned media organizations and the tourism industry will be present at the event.

The Ice Fall Tourism Festival is a brand created by Jiuzhaigou to promote the scenic spot as an appealing winter destination, in a move to improve its competitive position and transform it into a year-round tourism locale. The series of consecutively held festivals have significantly advanced the development of the tourism market for Jiuzhaigou by adding extensively to the spot’s winter and spring traffic. During the first quarter of 2013, Jiuzhaigou witnessed 315,000 visits by tourists from both within China and abroad, an increase of 92,779 visits (41.5%) year on year.

Throughout the winter, the 2014 International Ice Fall Tourism Festival will introduce related tourism packages and special offers to Jiuzhaigou’s visitors, and will hold a series of events, including the Opening Ceremony of Ice Fall Tourism Festival, the Fifth International “Smart Park” Forum, “Comprehensive Culture and Beautiful Aba” – 2014 International Introduction to Tourism and Tourism Marketing as well as local folk culture-themed exhibitions and performances. This marketing strategy is a move to further strengthen the partnership with domestic and foreign tourism agencies, scenic spot operators, travel businesses, new media, airlines and hotels, heighten the importance of the cultural side of the tourism sector in Jiuzhaigou and promote Jiuzhaigou as a beautiful winter tourist destination as well as a venue where one can experience local folk culture.

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