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Medical Tourism

What cosmetic procedures should you consider in Turkey

Date: Mon, 07/22/2019 - 02:00

Turkey offers quite the experience with a blend of a phenomenal rich culture and high-quality innovative medical care.

By now, you must have heard of medical tourism or know of an acquaintance who embarked on a trip to discover cultures and achieve their aesthetic objectives. One of the popular destinations for health tourists is Turkey, also known as the world’s medical tourism capital. Turkey offers quite the experience with a blend of a phenomenal rich culture and high-quality innovative medical care. Below, is a list of quick recovery cosmetic procedures to get in Turkey and a list of activities to engage in. 

Quick recovery cosmetic procedures
1- Cosmetic dentistry 

Is there anything more attractive than confidence? Probably not. Having high-self esteem can coerce people into perceiving you from an admiring perspective. Yet, self-confidence issues remain a conundrum in our society. Cosmetic dentistry is one of those procedures that not only restore the glow of your pearly whites but your sense of confidence and self-love. 

Some of the popular procedures include teeth whitening, dental veneers, and dental implants. Teeth whitening is a procedure that breaks down stubborn stains underneath the enamel without damaging it. The results are instantaneous and will have you looking for any excuse to show off your bright set of pearly whites. Dental Veneers and implants are two procedures that aim to replace gaps left behind by lost teeth. Both procedures are quick recovery with instantaneous results giving you the boost of confidence you lack to tour around Istanbul with high spirits. 

2- FUE hair transplant

Among the most sought after procedures for men, hair transplants can wipe out the traces of your receding hairline. The procedure leaves no visible scarring, gives natural results and requires no hospital stay in. Although the results are not immediate, but rather develop throughout the coming months, you don’t necessarily have to lock yourself behind doors. 
All you need is a day of rest, a medical cap to protect your scalp from the sweltering sun, and a map to not get lost in Istanbul’s time-worn allies. 

What places should you visit in Istanbul?

Istanbul is infamous for the versatile array of activities it provides for tourists. Most commonly, people enjoy sightseeing and visiting places that enclose the essence of the Turks. 

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia is a church turned mosque in the region of Sultan Ahmet. Included in the blue mosque is a section that preserves historic items from the Ottoman Empire and prior. The place holds a sacred aura that makes you nostalgic for a time you never lived. 

The Grand Bazaar

The grand bazaar is an underground market with tunnels that ramify at every corner. We highly recommend paying a visit to the market to become familiar with ethnic goods of Turkey. Spices, herbs, delights, national attires, and much more are exhibited along the tunnels of the market. 

A ride in the Bosporus

The Eurasian city of Istanbul has the Anatolian and European continents separated by the Bosphorus sea. Ferries that cost around 3 TL per person, commute people from one side to the other periodically. Locals and tourists alike enjoy feeding the seagulls Simit (a traditional round bread) while making their way to the other side of the world visit vera clinic to learn more about cosmetic dentistry, hair transplants, and medical tourism in Turkey.